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  1. Your privacy wouldn’t be compromised by this because the only thing interacting with FTX would be the public address that they’re being instructed to credit funds to. This public address is derived from your private key which you will ideally always keep safely secured and never shared with anyone at any point in time.

  2. FTX would know that all the coins i send out of their website goes to the same destination adress right? that seems like comprimizing privacy

  3. If you're that worried, just create another account within ledger. UTXOs like BTC/ADA work differently on a protocol level by having "change" accounts. The whole transaction/accounts is set up differently than ETH and its ilk that are account based.

  4. thats very smart actually, and ur right. its a non issue, but i think its important i know how everything works

  5. You have previosly used multiple OS and it has left a boot block behind. OS always use Drive 0, thats why multiple OS can cauase trouble with updates. Either Windows or Linux. You could use easy BCD edit to see. Its a mess.

  6. Thanks for your reply! What would be the fix? Reset my entire pc again?

  7. Check your Windows Power Options. Check what your minimum processor state is set to. Sometimes in Performance Mode the minimum processor state defaults to 100%, so it’s running wide open even when the machine should be idling.

  8. this might actually be the case, since i have followed a lot of “+200fps in this game” type videos. thanks for letting me know! ill check later today!

  9. I agree that this sounds like a cooler issue. Some questions to maybe narrow things down... Is it using air or water cooling? (If you know what the cooler model is, that would be helpful too.) Was the cooler new or used? How old is the computer/how long have you had it? If you've had it for a while: Is this new behavior? Have you cleaned dust out of it before? Does it sit on the floor, or on the table/desk/etc.?

  10. air cooler, stock AMD ryzen 5 3600 cooler. i bought a motherboard + cpu + ram combo deal exactly 1 year ago. i have never really checked the cpu temps for my pc, so idk if its a new problem. it feels like it been running just fine for this whole year. pc is a little dusty and sits on the floor.

  11. impressive portfolio! i have 2 questions if its ok. 1. could you tell me why you are so bullish on evmos? 2. what tracker do you use? is this delta? ty in advance! :)

  12. thanks for letting me know! is it a paid service? ive been looking for a great free portfolio tracker for a while now..

  13. I didn’t even know Secret migrated, where was it originally built on?

  14. Get a RX6800 / RX6800XT and you're set for a pretty long time. Those cards are really strong and have 16Gb of Vram, so future-proof.

  15. sound like a great option, would that bottleneck my ryzen 5 3600?

  16. Yes it would by ~10% at 1440p, but the performance gain is still fenomenal. You can always upgrade your CPU later, thats no problem at all. I really recommend the RX6800XT, the card is a beast. My RX6900XT arrived last week and the card is AMAZING (The RX6800XT is only marginally slower than the 6900XT so..)

  17. ik denk dat je comment inderdaad geblokt word telkens, maar ik kon de eerste 2 zinnen lezen door het berichtje op mn iphone. als jij een 6900 xt kon vinden onder de 900, dan moet het voor mij ook wel mogelijk zijn om een 6800 xt te vinden onder de 800 toch? tot nu toe zie ik alleen prijzen van 1000+ wat het dus echt niet waard is. is marktplaats the way to go?

  18. It will work fine on pcie 3 and will probably not lose too much performance. A rtx 3090 is still fine on a gen 3 system.

  19. It's all backwards compatible but you will most likely lose a certain amount of performance.

  20. thats great to know! if my motherboard will bottleneck my performance, does that mean my GPU jist wont reach 100% usage? or how does that work? also, will it be a big drain to the performance?

  21. The first time i personally experienced it was with an RX 480 about 5 years ago with Doom 2016 with an A10-7860K as my CPU. In OpenGL it would struggle to hit 30FPS at 1080p, but switching to Vulkan easily saw my FPS increase 100 FPS. AMD's OpenGL Windows drivers are even worse than their DX11 ones were, so it's pretty amazing to see what they were able to do with the creation of Vulkan.

  22. I'm selling mine, it's cheap and will send you the 12 code phrases so you can own it, I'll even leave 15 USD dollars for the location update.

  23. I ordered the wrong frequency, it is US 915, it doesn't work in my country so I can't make witnesses therefore can't make the gains I'm supposed to make with my location, which is honestly great. I'll use the money to buy with the right frequency.

  24. Aah that sucks bro. I live in the EU so an American is to no use to me :/

  25. Mission complete… the HOT Mess that is Cardano needed 4 attempts to send my transaction through to xfer out of position. Infuriating and if I had second thoughts they were eradicated with that hassle. Staked 15 Atom, 11 Juno, 30 stars, 20 Osmosis and LP in Junoswap for 100.00. I feel covered and invested in something special.

  26. way to go buddy, DCA and only drop what you can consider "gone" mentally. welcome to the cosmos

  27. Thanks! Loving the facts that Cosmos makes me excited about crypto in these boring times!

  28. Keep in mind that adding luna from osmosis asset page won't allow you to stake luna on keplr. Luna network is still in "beta", so you can only receive or send. I assume you are trying to stake luna to possibly qualify for airdrops? What I did is import terra station to keplr as I'm staking luna on terra station. I hope this made sense I'm sleepy. Lol

  29. Also, since I couldn't figure it out before I just decided to provide liq to the LUNA/ OSMO pool. Am I now missing out on potential airdops? Thanks in advance!

  30. Absolutely! Helped a ton! Thanks for commenting!

  31. No worries. It's confusing at first but once you get it, it clicks. That's exactly why wallets are recoverable.

  32. definitely! if you dont mind, that brings up one more question i have. if coins arent actually on the wallet im using, but on the blockchain. does that mean using extensions like metamask, phantom and keplr are just as save as using cold storage? (like a nano x) or is there still risk of hacks and breaches when using “chrome wallets”?

  33. They aren't as secure without a ledger attached to them because the ledger requires you to physically press a button to transact. If your phone/pc becomes comprised and you didn't attach a hardware wallet to keplr or metamask then you could potentially be at risk.

  34. ahh i didnt know you “attached” a ledger on top of an existing wallet as kind of a second layer of authentication. good info! i was thinking of buying one. anyways bro i learned a lot from you today! i have u have a great rest of your week!

  35. I asked this yesterday and got great answers here:

  36. Hey man, I had a lot of the same questions the other day and all of them were answered excellently by the community in this thread:

  37. Yes, you got fucked, gifted subs dont count toward a 1st badge.

  38. If you click on gift sub and scroll down you will see if you can get the 1st badge if you continue your sub unless it's already taken

  39. Sounds like an 1/8 note delay with a flanger, some reverb, highpass EQ and some automated panning.

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