1. I felt this, I’m 22 and I drive an Alfa Romeo, have a fairly decent audio setup, other expensive/fun hobbies, and am preparing to buy my first house. My parents do not and have not supported me in any way since I was 18, but when you work hard and you’re young, people magically think you’re a spoiled piece of shit.

  2. That's what they want you to believe. They haven't told you that everyone who has gotten the vaccine will die in the next 120 years. Checkmate.

  3. Some people have jobs, adult lives etc that get in the way, it’s genuinely very hard to find time sometimes.

  4. They have to deal with this: “People are too sensitive! I should be able to be an obnoxious asshole whenever I want! Waaaah! Why can’t I be a douchebag without people saying so? Waaaaah!”

  5. Yeah dude, thats fucked, it’s hard to stand for an alliance that lets it’s members do that shit

  6. It really depends where you are at financially. Buying this car is only the first of many payments. For example, even basic maintenance is very expensive compared to regular cars, an oil change can run you as high as $160 from a dealership. Also many shops are not willing to work on them due their exotic nature.

  7. The flag is green, but also shaped like a stop sign, with the word stop written in the middle. Your guess is as good as mine

  8. This is super interesting to me to hear that people have issues. I have only ever encountered one, and that was when my space taxi hit the station was wanted for a crime and got blown up after undocking

  9. Some people should never reproduce. This man is one such individual. Thank you for not contributing to keeping his bloodline in circulation.

  10. Just want to add (in 2022) this fight still sucks, devs have not fixed anything or added more instructions. I am struggling to complete it.

  11. To be fair, a lot of women have bio’s that are written like this, but are in fact serious, I think it’s just confusing times lol

  12. It would mean a lot to you if you had gotten them. Evidently many people agree OP defaced the car.

  13. Like literally two people, post on the forums about this and see what people say. Do you even own an Alfa?

  14. Two currently and one on the way. AROC member since 1993. Alfista since 1964.

  15. Then why on earth are you judging people for this? It’s literally just the symbol for the city of Milan.

  16. I think emissions is partly to blame but my gut is telling me that the multiair system is part of the issue. One way to make more hp is to have a higher rpm. This post from a fiat 500 forum seems to back me up.

  17. Thank you for sharing that post it helped explain a bit, though I do wonder why we can’t tune multi-air to let the engine rev even higher? Seems that, that would be the key…

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