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  1. Oh, I'm sure you guys could still make it into the second one.

  2. No thanks, im good in our cozy 3rd WC spot.

  3. THEY FECKIN DID IT AHHHB so relieved, so happy

  4. Apparently, on FanGraphs, Garret Stubbs has the same WAR as Familia did for pitching (-0.2).

  5. I think I'd have rather gotten killed and eaten than watched them consistently fail to do anything with runners in scoring position last night (and the night before). I think my Phillies fan fianceé is torturing me by getting me to care about this team.

  6. Ah, but being tortured as a fan is just the annual tradition!

  7. To be fair, I don’t think anyone really cares. Im most likely never gonna see 61 get hit again. Im sure I’ll see our 7 hitter pop out again, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow

  8. Ok then go watch the Yankees game lol. This is supposed to be a Phillies game.

  9. I’ve heard good things about Granite Peak. Same owners as Lutsen now and I heard they’d done a ton of work to fix it up.

  10. How busy does granite peak get on weekends?

  11. I haven’t been to spirit for almost 20 years now but I’ve heard it’s really dated and badly needs updates. It has fewer runs than Welch and I spent most of my time in the terrain park. From what I’ve heard, it doesn’t sound like it’s worth the drive. I’d more likely hit Welch and save a drive for Lutsen.

  12. What’s good about welch? Like, any fun natural features, tree skiing? I’ll have to give it a shot though.

  13. Guys, I get stress is high and we need Bryce protected, but have you ever seen someone foul a ball off their leg before?

  14. I’m just more concerned with the slump he’s in. Hopefully he finds his swing again before october

  15. Damn that nurse was cute as heck too.

  16. Why even keep the franchise in Miami? No one in that city seems to give a damn about baseball, at least looking at attendance the last… well since the stadium was built.

  17. Holy fuck that stadium is so empty..

  18. I just heard some dudes yell echo around the whole place a few times

  19. I once attended a party with two strippers, Hitler and Mussolini.

  20. Wait so we have Hand, Robertson, Alvarado, Bellati, and Dominguez as solid late game relievers. I haven’t been paying too much attention, but is Brogdon getting some play time? If so, and if he can maintain the level that his stats would suggest, we have a solid bullpen. Or am I reading something wrong? We just need to give these guys enough play time to stay sharp for a wild card series and we may be ok. Just not too much depth after those guys (Nelson ain’t great, and Coonrod hasn’t pitched much this year).

  21. “He’s gotta match Alcantara” ~Ben Davis

  22. Curtis Sanchez and Nick Nelson are bottom of the barrel pitchers

  23. It’s embarrassing having these guys on a team in playoff contention

  24. … Just setting up for the double play..?

  25. BRANDON AND SOSA LETS GOOOO. Love that we picked these guys up

  26. Can ruben screw off and go commentate some minor league games? that’s where most of his playing experience is anyways.

  27. Ok guys i THINK we can win this one now!

  28. My god can we lock Reuben in a closet for the rest of the night? This game is bad enough as is without that useless bit of commentary.

  29. It didn’t register in my mind in time that the other letters were bold. And then just the S. I cackled at the scuffedness of that chain

  30. Kruk has used it. Value just went through the roof, obviously

  31. I don’t know if it’s my shift in opinion in favor of robo umps or what, but so many games (for phillies at least, since that’s what i watch) have had terrible ball/strike home plate umpires this season.

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