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  1. that’s some cool stuff, i could spend ages in a place like that

  2. I regret to inform you that’s a fox. Cute fox tho. You should still keep him. ( joke it’s not a fox it’s a dog).

  3. She definitely acts like one 😭absolutely deranged little guy ,,,,

  4. im half awake rn and it took me so fucking long to understand what fussy meant i thought it was somethinf w sex urrhg im

  5. Just heard this talked abt on the news , holy shit

  6. That’s certainly half a hip, or if you want to be technical: pelvis. More photos would be helpful, as it looks like it’s missing some of the ilium, which is the part connected to the sacrum (tailbone). The pubis (area with the hole) will meet the other half of the pelvis in a pubic symphysis. Anyway, enough about my rambling about hips. Where did you find it?

  7. I found it on a field near my house! The field used to be a cow pasture I’m pretty sure. Thanks for the answer btw!!

  8. Right? I’ve got dozens of OC’s that I use for Roleplays, stories, fanfiction and memes.

  9. Exactly!!! I have tons of little characters I think about constantly or how they would act in certain situations.

  10. Yeah, I’ve seen dementia develop infront of my eyes. Crazy how it’s just. Destroys a persons mind slowly

  11. My cat, I love him so much and I could talk about him for ages. He’s the most sweetest and cutest cat ever with the weirdest quirks. His name is Panter :-)

  12. Genitalia or people doing stuff w their feces ..

  13. Koiq says:

    i’m never happy

  14. That’s really sad dude hope things get better

  15. Did you give the joker plastic surgery after the chemical accident?

  16. Your mum never told you to not eat on the bed?

  17. I watch it cuz it’s interesting and cuz I’m suicidal, helps w thoughts of sh for some reason

  18. YES! I was grinning the whole time it made me so happy :) Trans representation is so important in media

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