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  1. It lazy writing and supposed to make it looks deeper than it is. Same with the cringe villains monologue that are supposed to be deep but are so poorly written. It’s like the Zach Snyder school of deep and serious. All it does come off as is 15 years old edgelord trying to be cool.

  2. Idk I would consider them both on the same level in terms of popularity. I enjoyed Tampa more, but in terms of eye candy and wealth porn Tampa just isn’t glamorous enough imo.

  3. She reminds me of Kristen Cohen. This group definitely does not deserve her

  4. So why are people and spencer shocked and worried, is it solely just becuz of the articls

  5. Thank you 😂😂😂the way they all looked shocked made me think that Jayden Davis was some major character I couldn’t remember

  6. Holy shit😭 another childhood staple gone

  7. Probably not and that’s for the best eventually.

  8. The show has had its fair share of problems but it seems to get ridiculously good streaming numbers every time I see it on those lists so I doubt it ends before its natural conclusion.

  9. Which list? The only one that truly matters tbh is the Nielsen charts. Until now HBOMAX wasn’t on it so now we should see. Other lists like parrot are highly inaccurate in their presentation.

  10. Can mods take these trash posts and ban users.

  11. I think that Guardians will perform similar to Thor 4. Solid improvement domestically but global total dragged by the lack of China leading it to finish under its predecessor.

  12. YES I’m enjoying season 2 even more so than 1. Can’t wait for the setting. Ideally it would be either a winter resort in the mountains somewhere in Europe or a Safari themed one in Africa

  13. YES I’m enjoying season 2 even more so than 1. Can’t wait for the setting. Ideally it would be either a winter resort in the mountains somewhere in Europe or a Safari themed one in Africa

  14. December 1-4 but because there’s no specific details on panels yet we don’t know which day exactly so far

  15. Cinema con is an industry event also it’s movie only so no shows talks at all. SDCC 2023 would be a given but Especially seeing that it will be post Flash aka the new era. I do hope that they bring back DC Fandome.

  16. Unrelated but she’s been looking insanely good lately like wow. Saw candids paparazzi pics of her in this outfit and it was almost disrespectful to look this good in a messy pappaarzi pics😍😩

  17. I would fucking throw myself out of window if Zatanna was to debut in freaking Titans. I like the show but No. z deserves a grand debut in either Cinema or a splashy HBOMAX show.

  18. For those who aren’t familiar or who haven’t read him in while I 100% recommend Tom King’s Strange Adventure miniseries. By far the best version of the character imo. Also that story kinda slaps.

  19. Are there common villains he faces? I don’t know much about the character other than the couple appearances is the JL cartoon

  20. Unfortunately His rogue gallery goes from depressing to inexistent. So he either get assigned other heroes villains or general villains from whatever teams he’s on, he has stint in the JSA and the Checkmates.

  21. Disney (and the rest of Hollywood’s) stock price is completely disconnected from their box office. Wall Street cares about their streaming services, and since we seem to be closer to mass proliferation than we thought so, everyone’s stock price is catering.

  22. You missed the memo, WS doesn’t care about streaming numbers anymore it’s all about ad revenue now. Stocks are cratering because WS is tired of supporting streaming service with promises of profitability while the core of these legacy media companies that actually bring in the dough like sport, news, network and co are left for dead.

  23. The question is why? Why are films fearful of the Euros and WC? Are they so dominant to driveaway all the entertainment? I dont think so.

  24. Think of it this way, why do US studios don’t release major movies on Superbowl weekend?

  25. What was the worldwide opening of the first one without China and Russia?

  26. Funnily enough both China and Russia had delayed release and the global opening was $330M. Obviously this is much lower due to some severe underperformance in markets when the first one excelled like the UK and South Korea.

  27. Honestly a bit tired of these over exploited cases getting the scripted treatment. It goes like this; Podcast>Youtube video>Netflix/HBO/or both multiple part documentary then finally a scripted version.

  28. He has been fighting Cancer for years

  29. We’re talking specifically the DCEU, which this thread is about, chief.

  30. The DCEU got its first billions dollar movie without Snyder. This is not even debate.. You That’s why he’s out and even with all he regime change he remains not only out of WB bit all of the other big studios🤷🏽‍♂️you can moan about all you want these are the facts.

  31. Ahh… one film four years ago, and the one which used Snyder’s Aquaman which he produced, sure, sure.

  32. Not reading that sorry 🙂

  33. A great example of team work even when physically separated everyone was actually working towards the same goal and communicating. Even Gar who is also on self discovery path still had in mind the final goal.

  34. Then how was there a scene this episode of them talking to each other?

  35. The other one a the beginning of the episode was a new character just some henchwoman. There’s only one main Witch, now it does get slightly confusing because her eyebrows are bleached when in costume and regular when in civilian.

  36. Okay now THAT’s a Poster.

  37. It’s not happening at least not this version. This was a heretic move in a power vaccum. But now that these seat have been filled projects like these will fall away.l especially with someone like Gunn who would never work with someone like Akiva Goldsman.

  38. Ever since James Gunn and Safran have been hired. It’s just been Gunn 100% wouldn’t work with this person, Gunn will 100% revive this cancelled project because he loves visions. He will 100% make that. This and that. We don’t know anything but people seem certain about everything

  39. I mean it’s not that hard to see what really happened with this Constantine2 news is it? Also People like James Gunn feelings towards people like Akiva Goldsman isn’t exactly a secret. Hollywood is a pretty big open book it’s not astrophysics.

  40. They were already following each other. Those fan accounts love to misinformation.

  41. Yeah Jurnee’s family is pretty big and respected in the entertainment world all of them have been working since they were toddlers they’re industry babies. Like most industry babies she’s well connected. She follows and is followed by a bunch of creatives.

  42. It doesn’t contradict anything. Under contract everything DC will fall under That Banner regardless of the creative direction. The same way Batman or Joker were produced by Hamada despite being out of the DCEU they were still under the DC Films banner. That was always clear

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