1. Does TRex Arms sell firearms? Because you certainly can't order them on their website

  2. "Name another company that is more for the common man than the military industrial complex ?"

  3. Something doesn't sound right here. Those 30 ohm resistors, were they in-line or were they signal to ground? USB requires a characteristic impedance of 30 ohm signal to ground, and 90 ohm differential impedance on the transmission line.

  4. Can you link this previous hub controller reference circuit design?

  5. Cool bro, where'd you get the Tegris chair?

  6. Baofengs are the same tier as Olight and steel plates.

  7. I gots me some feng’s but I’ve been a ham a few years. I also have a few Anytone, BTech DMR’s, and 2 Yeasu HTs. Plus my HF radios. Any recommendations other than those?

  8. Start looking at P25 stuff. Mainly EF Johnson and Moto XTS series

  9. I’ve seen bubba builds, this is not one.

  10. "No bro, you can't take training seriously bro, you always have to goof off like guntuber. We're all just LARPers bro haha. Anyways, I can't believe the government doesn't take the 2A seriously."

  11. Lol not construction or money bags at all 😂 I sit on a computer for 9 hours a day and it gets miserable. I need to get up and go for a walk and get something to break up the monotony.

  12. I feel that dude. 12-15 hours; walking down to the store to get a pink monster is great.

  13. The rule reads that the political items can't be the focus of the post.

  14. You really just wrote an essay on the philosophy of subreddit rules.

  15. Great now please stop bothering people about "BUT MUH XTS WITH AES" and trying to sell shit, or whatever.

  16. I have no idea what you think I'm trying to sell. I don't sell P25 radios.

  17. 25A here. Assuming you're a 25U, or an 11-series that got tagged to be an RTO.

  18. Surplus P25 radios can be had for under $200, and if doing everything by the FCC's rules is your goal, you can get itinerant business licences for pretty much any freq out there.

  19. They can be had for a lot cheaper, like Baofeng cheap. A few years back Fort Knox dumped all their XTS 2500s, which resulted in some people being able to get pallets of M3 Q-split 2500s with low-brightness UCM keypads algo-loaded with AES for $10/each. I grabbed a box for $200, got 18 radios. Now you've got insta-bros trying trying to get people like boog bois who don't know any better to buy them by saying they absolutely must need them, and you've got some places flipping them for as high as $400-500.

  20. Well, there's people that do this just for fun, and there's people that take it seriously.

  21. BROTHER if your walkie talkie isn't high tech enough to keep your personal FBI agent unaware of your tranny porn activity you are literally gonna be the first person to die when SHTF.

  22. Rule 1: How could you ask for this to be more inclusive?

  23. China isn't going to backdoor your radio, you literally aren't that important. None of that shit you listed matters as a fucking larper. I worked on military radios professionally. I k ow what the fuck I'm talking about.

  24. The military doesn't make you special, LARPer.

  25. No one said there arent better radios you fuckin dork, all hes saying is that if you dont know shit about radios and dont want to spend of bunch of money on one before you even know how to use it, you should get a baofeng. Hes right, and ur dense.

  26. That's like saying if you don't know a lot about rifles and you don't want to spend a bunch of money on one before you even know how to use it, you should get a pawn-shop tier PSA.

  27. RF/DF applies to all wireless systems, why are you guys out here pretending that Baofengs can be DF'd, but other radios can't?

  28. No, you just implied it by saying they're getting people killed and then talking about DFing radios. If your device sends signals, it can be located. It doesn't matter if it's a $25 radio or a $400 radio or a $13 billion aircraft carrier. So why do you guys keep bringing it up like there's something special about Baofengs?

  29. Because they have worse spectral performance than quality radios, which makes detection-- and subsequently DF-- easier.

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