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  • By - TWvox

  1. It was like making love with a wild animal. But... not like a cougar. More like a swarm of bees... bees that fnd something wrong with every hotel room.

  2. Where can I find the Krusty Krb irl like this? I need to know

  3. Ballerina Samurai puts on a straight(ish) face whn publicly executing her latest target so it looks like an accident.

  4. Judging from the color of the boba drink...she is either drinking Taro Milk Tea or Ginger Milk Tea. lp smack, lip smack

  5. Is not that the chrus of a Mars Volta song? XD

  6. The shit nasa and Jpl have done over the years is amazing.

  7. Really loved this scene where the relatable gay character was trying to guess who his crush after he said he liked Games of Thrones and has a funny montage of him looking at overweight,gangly looking guys in GoT t-shirts where he grimaces at the end at the mere thought his crush isn’t one of the slender conventionally attractive guys he is been imagining him to be for the whole movie! Haha,so funny and relatable! I am sure every closeted ovrweight teen who saw this in theatres thought it was too!

  8. At 1st I saw teh face and hair and I was swooned then I saw the booty and i said to my phone ‘hey how you din‘?

  9. Is thre any reason the EU is depicted like a country in this map?

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