1. I think it would overloade the game. Simplicity sparks creativity

  2. I’ve seen a lot of POV porn. But I guess I gotta watch more.

  3. You're like a pizzacutter, all edge no point

  4. Or do all pumpkins look like this pepper? 🤔

  5. I have respect for Spain. You might be far west but in heart you are a balkan country

  6. Do you think tail odds are higher randomly or is it consistent and for some reason. Perhaps the tail side is havyer or something

  7. Audis are nice, good build quality good drive feel and it's probably the smarter financial decision, but it won't make you happy

  8. The grill design is to appeal to the Chinese market

  9. You know so little, yet you still talk you westerner schmuck. She is amazing, no other champ can influence the game as much without relying on hard carrying

  10. Reksai is an early game champion? I thought they are pretty weak early? Though the one game I did try Reksai the support ended up stealing red buff so I am not too sure

  11. Well before lvl 3 she is kinda bad, but after that she has nice clear speed, does decent burst, has a long dash and a knock up which makes her super strong ganker. Prowlers is a huge powerspike too, with its really hard to escape and if they do its on half health or burning sums, either way edvantage for you later. Just take sweeper and tunnel under walls from creative angles (enemy tribush stuff like that). Try to not take all kills since you need your team to win team fights for you. Aslo good trick is if your laner is getting pushed under tower set up a tunnel beforehand so you can gap cloase twice. She is really fun and good especially in gold and above.

  12. I'm really afraid. I survive the MHA Fandom times, I was a pretty cringe jojo fan in times. I think the this will be big. Its not just popular it's "smart" too. Get ready for Kanye and Elon with chainsawman merch

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