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  1. He sounds like Joaquin Phoenix. 😂

  2. Something I've learned the hard way is being on the aux is usually not a good opportunity to play new stuff no matter how much you love it, especially stuff outside the other persons' usual wheelhouse lol. There is like a weird pressure on the listener to react and not hurt your feelings.

  3. Fully agree. I hate that weird pressure. Recently i stopped giving a fuck though and just react to how i would react listening to it alone. I also never really play the type of music i like to anyone because i don't care what they think about it. I keep it to myself.

  4. Dangerous Woman. They're all great though, truly great.

  5. Popular Song, Break Your Heart Right Back, Let Me Love You, Blazed, Make Up, 34+35 Remix.

  6. Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande.

  7. Nah i fully agree. Amazing album. I don't care who says otherwise.

  8. Why do people even ask this though? Why do you ask someone not to 100% a game before you? What's your brother's thought process because it just seems stupid tbh.

  9. "Every man likes to be dominated once in a while " - KSI

  10. y’all just make any discussion lol. we will… she even said that she would tour after her next album…. This feels low quality post ngl

  11. Where'd she say that? I'm just wondering because i'm thinking about going to a concert of her's maybe.

  12. I didn't know she did an interview there recently. Interesting. I'll have a look, thank you.

  13. Pretty excited, heard it's gonna have the parkour system of Unity's, so that's great! I'm more curious about Hexe though, it looks interesting and it has a vibe i've never really seen before with AC.

  14. I think this makes this album era so much more powerful and meaningful. Instead of getting shut down mentally, she showed a lot of strength and a way to deal with pain.

  15. Very true, she's strong af. I would've just done nothing tbh, but she? No, she made a whole album on her own and it made history. Crazy.

  16. Rick wakes up in hospital with Carl, Lori and Shane around him. Genuinely can’t think of anything worse.

  17. That'd be such a plottwist. He was in a coma, just woke up and the show ends with him going about on his daily life.

  18. Insomniac's Miles Morales. Man can basically do the shit Insomniac's Peter can do, but man also has powers.

  19. Damn, why? I really liked them tbh. I wonder why..

  20. He is in no way relevant to the general public. Tik tok kids may know who he is, but realistically nobody else does.

  21. Yeah ig you right. A large part of mainstream media uses tiktok though.

  22. I liked Justin Bieber in the song. I like the way their voices went together, i think maybe even more than Ariana's and Weekend's voice together tbh, not sure. I don't necessarily like Justin, but i can't deny the man has talent, man can sing. I can't remember his verse, but i'm sure when i was listening to the song back in 2020 that i liked it because i liked the song overall.

  23. A little bit of everything tbh.

  24. Connor, the android sent by CyberLife.

  25. Because she has no intention to fuck around with someone who is not serious with her, who has no real feelings and just wants to have fun.

  26. That's exactly whaf i thought, i just didn't know how to put that into words. Except for the "parts of me kinda like it" lyric, because i just didn't think about that lyric. Great job. 👌

  27. I don't like the home page either tbh. Yeah they're pulling a PS5 and i'm NOT for it. I wanna look at whatever i put on my background, not the game i selected. TWICE.

  28. 26 ain't pushing 30 bro. I agree she is amazing and beautiful feet I just idk at 39 I don't think I could be with someone under 30 is all

  29. Why are people downvoting you? That's totally understandable, 29 and 39 is a 10 yr age difference, 26 and 39 even more.

  30. Yeah i felt the same about the hit men line.

  31. Yeah i wish the ads wouldn't be there because it really just sits in the way of the background even more.

  32. Really reminds me of that voice Idubbz used to put on lmao.

  33. Idk about meanings of dreams, but this could possibly explain on why you had the dream:

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