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  1. yes.. can be. Are you okay? it's more likely to be said as a fuck you than genuinely. I don't think I've ever heard it said genuinely.

  2. Inheritance is the wrong thing to think about. In all likelihood by the time you die they will be established. Helping them now will have way more impact - mortgage deposits, education, anything else that lets them establish themselves and grow their net worth is far more valuable.

  3. There is a long and good-quality mod answer here that encourages me to think that a summary answer might be a useful extra rather than just insufficiently detailed.

  4. Plant some more bamboo on your side. It will solve this in no time.

  5. He loves PT/PTN but it's a soft hackle pheasant tail and partridge.

  6. Is the law-nerd friend a lawyer? This sounds a bit like a plan to defraud the loser on costs if you win.

  7. Cam here to say what's already been said a lot.

  8. this is a good explanation. For me, I consume a lot of foreign and older film and books, and I have to be mindful of the historical context in which certain things are written. Some things are still worth it to me to engage in.

  9. I don’t think you need to be super critical about why I, as a woman who has been been sexualized by grown men since I was 12, didn’t like to read descriptions of a sexy little girl, even if they were meant to ultimately turn out to be from an unreliable narrator we learn is bad.

  10. My read would be that he is directly criticizing adult men for sexualizing young girls.

  11. From Goodreads it seems to be a thriller about a teenage girl who wants to mind control people using behavioral science. Super paraphrased and havent actually read it

  12. "Good breeding" as a synonym for "well-bred" is used to talk about both men and women. It's super classist/snobbish, but it's not sexist.

  13. Social mobility, private home ownership, and retirement.

  14. Apart from "flair" cloaks basically have one practical advantage over coats, which is that they are super easy to make. A cloak is simple to cut and finish; a coat requires much more complicated cutting and then just an absolute ton of sewing and finishing.

  15. What’s more looney tunes is someone from another country going on about a man that isn’t even OUR president anymore. Living in your head rent free much? You guys have big enough problems to worry about in your own country so kindly piss off.

  16. It's a curious doublethink that the President of the US is "Leader of the Free World" until another western nation has input at which point it's a purely domestic matter.

  17. An email will be plenty but he may be willing to split the cost, so start with that!

  18. NTA. If he'll steal from you to give to your mom he's all kinds of messed up,

  19. He's having a big salary fall but is only £75/mo below his previous rent? Say no!

  20. Call them. Your neighbour already knows about this issue so it will come out if any damage occurs. Also - if it says "tree damage" is not covered that might mean "replacing damageed trees" not "making good damage caused by falling trees" - if a tree blew into your house and that wasn't covered I'd be surprised.

  21. Thanks, that's what I suspected. I guess I will just have to hope it doesn't fall. With the luck I've had recently I'm sure it probably will fall. Bankruptcy awaits I guess.

  22. Call your home insurance and ask if it covers damage to neighbours' property from falling trees.

  23. I came here expecting to write that not everyone appreciates recording in public spaces and in some countries (eg the UK) it's actually illegal. But this comment reversed my view 100%! Hypocrites.

  24. I'd have thought an old-skool style rubber concertina boot would be a better solution. Might be ok for travel but also more stuff. Stanchion damage can happen but the reason we dropped the old rubber boots (apart from ugly) is that 99% of the time they're not needed.

  25. Who are the lenders? If they are payday loan companies look at whether it's debt misselling. Check it:

  26. Paid roughly $320 on the day for what ended up being 11 people

  27. You're lucky they didn't ding you for the extra $70 you'd promised to spend on top of the deposit.

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