1. anyone here almost certain her husband is absolutely sucking Dave's cock and absolutely getting away with it.

  2. It's nice that OOP's husband wasn't cheating and was actually being a good human. But what was stopping him from just being honest with his wife instead of hiding it? Like why?

  3. Uhhh… stars are composed primarily of helium and hydrogen….

  4. They won't have the same mass, because one is a sphere of hydrogen and helium and the other is a sphere of rock.

  5. If they're both 2-3 solar masses they probably have the same mass

  6. You will be demoted one grade to grade 34, the 34th highest gradd

  7. I seriously think you should repost this in the shittyaskscience subreddit. You are sure to get some hilarious answers there.

  8. Is this like a challenge? 5/8 this week. Can anyone complete the set?

  9. Sure it was a shock but she can't complain too much, at least the liquid wasn't yellow.

  10. If I made a list of potential Saurons, he would be right at the bottom, below Nori and Random Dude In The Background Of Crowd In Numenor, and just above Galadriel.

  11. Poppy's gotta be top 3 Sauron candidates.

  12. His insane reaction to this makes me think he wants to break up with you and is manufacturing this as an excuse because he's too chicken to just tell you. NTA either way.

  13. Rising sea levels aren't the biggest concern, natural disasters are. Avoid the Gulf Coast (hurricanes) and Tornado alley. Avoid Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico (drought, parts of California too). Extreme cold will probably get worse in the northern states in winter, but they can probably handle it if you can.

  14. NTA - I have adhd (take medication) and I was usually the one who did most of the work during group projects. A lot of people who are diagnosed usually try to find ways to combat their lack of focus and discipline they don't just blame all their failings on adhd and call it a day.

  15. Dick-haver here, and ewwwwwwwwwwww no, guys do not do this, this is not normal

  16. I don’t like the movies but camera work is what you couldn’t suspend disbelief on? Camera work.

  17. I don't really remember, just a vague memory that the way some bits were done was super distracting and made me think about how or why they did it that way, and boom, immersion gone. If that's weird to you, I dunno what to tell you, that's just how my brain is.

  18. Even if immersion wasn’t a word people just started using in re: movies and shows like two years ago, camera work by definition can’t break suspension of disbelief because you know there’s a camera filming the movie.

  19. OK look I'm not very good with words but, when I am watching a show or a movie, I am watching what's happening. I am totally in that world, the camera is just my eyes. It is real. Nothing else exists.

  20. The fact OP left out that it is the 2029 Asian Winter Games is quite weak

  21. It's Saudi Arabia, it doesn't really matter which Winter Games, it's bizarre they're hosting any Winter Games.

  22. So where else in Asia would it be held? Russia isnt any better rn. Doesn’t leave a lot of options. Cant have the same country every year

  23. China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, India.... It's not like there's a shortage of winter destinations in the biggest continent with the biggest fucking mountain range in the world. But no, they pick the middle of the fucking desert. Good call.

  24. Eh he probably couldn't do any worse than what's already out there

  25. I mean, even when blind he can s#ck d!ck, so off to the front he goes.

  26. Guys I think we need to acknowledge that that's a fucking bizzarre thing to say to someone you're fucking too

  27. Served him right.. Hated his guts though

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