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  1. I've been wondering about this too. I love the ranger-led hikes, especially to less-visited parts of the park. I tried calling to ask but no answer. I hope they don't end the program.

  2. I like them too! A great way to explore and learn and be safe. I saw some people book tour guides at Yellowstone and the geology/history lessons we overheard were awesome!

  3. I don't think this year they are doing as arduous ranger-led hikes as in past years. I know the NPS website says 2-10 miles but all of the ones I've seen have been shorter, like 2-3.5 miles. Which is kind of a bummer because I was kind of banking on like a 8-10 mile ranger hike or something having seen about it on the website but I'm sure they're experiencing staffing shortages like many industries etc. These past few days, I've seen boards for them at Many Glacier and Apgar Visitor center, so certainly can't vouch for them all. I took photos of those two if you are interested however. If you're worried about hiking safety and that's why you want to do the ranger hikes, I did Avalanche Trail and part of the Highline trail today solo and wasn't too concerned. I am by no means an expert hiker but Avalanche was pretty crowded and I chatted up some friendly looking folks on Highline and asked if I could tag behind the group for safety. No issues there but had my bear spray and a little first aid kit, plenty of water/snacks etc. Not sure about Grinnell Glacier in terms of crowds but I didn't see any ranger hikes for it on the Many Glacier Board.

  4. It's either algae or mineral deposits. Mountain glaciers turn pink from contaminants in the rain and the warming weather spurs algae growth. You'll get weird pink striations on glaciers.

  5. Kalita's was/is ran by Armenians, Mike's Camera, Art Source International....

  6. All the Ash are dying from Ash Borer. Every Ash that's not treated will be dead in 10 years. More than half the trees on the creek are ash, other than a few planted ones in parks none of them are being treated by the city. Gonna be a lot of dead and dying trees falling in the next few years .

  7. The creek was so pretty, but it's looking cleared out! How devastating. I noticed ravaged woods in the mountains, but I didn't think it was so prevalent in our backyard. It's ridiculously expensive to treat.

  8. “You can’t just have your characters announce how they feel. That makes me angry!”

  9. More Dalinar, always more Dalinar, and more szeth though it’s coming, would have liked an odium pov before his death (though obviously would probably spoil big picture things) but todium fits well cause technically he could be too new to know all the big picture stuff

  10. I like the parshendi - I dislike Venli. I don't like the character. That coupled with her flashbacks being much slower paced than the main story and retreading ground that we were already familiar with on parshendi society made those chapters harder to read.

  11. I liked them working together and the tension of their conflicting goals - also Navani trying to outsmart something 1,000 years old - was interesting.

  12. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it over what was going on with the main characters, but it was definitely cool to get some deeper exploration of the Listeners and the New Singers. They're an aspect of the story that I'm very interested in going forward and that I still think is kind of under-explored relative to their thematic importance.

  13. I would read a separate series about what they're doing on the Shattered Plains. They were pretty mysterious and isolated until this last book, despite being in the background through all 4.

  14. Telluride / Crested Butte. Throw Ouray in there, too. All the other options, you’re gonna spend half your days driving.

  15. We're okay with the longer drive. It's going to be a short hop anyway.

  16. My friend's weight stalling after all the dieting and marathon running was due to not eating enough protein lol

  17. Can you explain how not eating enough protein inhibited her weight loss?

  18. I'm not the brightest person in the room. What types of medications might be affected by sugar-free sweeteners? Did it say? I couldn't figure it out from the text.

  19. You could be the be the brightest or among the brightest in the room. You ask questions, admit humility, and are obviously curious.

  20. Gondolier Italian is good, better and more affordable than Carelli's imo

  21. I'm 29 and looking into starting computer science as well! I have an AAS in graphic design so it will basically be like starting over.

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