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  1. Now every McDonald's looks like a sad, industrial, post-modernist horror. Every other fast food restaurant does too. Everything's just a box with some lines on it. No themes, no tackiness, no colors, nothing. Just aggressive blandness.

  2. Whataburger is still a good place to eat. They are phasing out the unique buildings though.

  3. Lol, good one! I am constantly amazed at the variety of projects made from Scratch.

  4. Very nice, and very complicated, I have just started Scratch

  5. For a second there, I thought you were one of my siblings. We ALWAYS drop that reference and it never gets old!

  6. It does my heart good to know that other people have enjoyed the series as much as my siblings and I do. That one reference ages like fine wine!

  7. I think it's insulting to children who are powerless and could easily fall victim to a groomer, it's not a joke.

  8. Civ6 seems like a bunch of micro-managing, and all the districts look the same to me

  9. Renewable energy: dumbest phrase since climate change. See the first law of thermodynamics, dumbass.

  10. For me, it's the cursed ancient baby that Lucifer brings as his plus one to Jesus's pre crucifixion torturing.

  11. This is depressing. Reminds me of how my mother used to cook turkey.

  12. My grandfather is a chiropractor down in Texas. He doesn’t trust doctors or dentists, refuses to take his arthritis medication, is very into crystals and elixirs and energies, and prescribed me 2 cups of plum juice a day to fix my cough as a kid

  13. I'd let my kids learn to to be draq queens rather than push them into child beauty pageants ala Honey Boo Boo.

  14. I expect my employees to work 140 hours a week or else! /s

  15. Yes, I couldn't get into either for this reason. The colors are so bright.

  16. Me too. I'm kind of being rude on here bc of people telling me I have a dark evil soul. So sorry. We all have issues.

  17. Yep, we do. I was a 140 lb fourth grader. I binge at night because that's when my mother let me overeat. No worries!

  18. Do the hoops include constant drug tests for anyone else? In my home state (KY) before I left, they started making you do a piss test every time to make sure you were positive for it before they'd write you a new script.

  19. They tell me to take it as needed, they say it will work better when I do take it. But I still have to take a pee test every month.

  20. She called in the hit to Nelson and Helen before she even ordered the food at the restaurant

  21. Try blending a sweet coffee with a lot of ice instead of eating cookies it’s really good ( idk if it’ll work but I hope it does)

  22. Thank you. I just got some Chobani creamer I am going to try, it is sweetened.

  23. I'm not familiar with all the terminology. I guess restricting to me would be what I learned in OA:HOW, no sugar at all, sugar is the enemy, etc. Of course this doesn't take in to account the people who don't binge on sugar. And I left OA and put on even more weight than before.

  24. I just Western Unioned my brother 15.00 and it cost me 6.00. I would be glad to see them scared of Robo Inu.

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