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  1. So if someone’s birth certificate says Thomas, but he tells you he prefers to be called Tom, are you going to tell him he’s wrong- that his name is Thomas and you don’t care how he feels and you’re calling him Thomas?

  2. That's a name, it's not the same thing. False equivalency is false.

  3. I got it, and didn’t love it. Starts off a little slow… then gets pretty interesting…. But the ending is awful. And the twists were pretty easy to see coming if you read a lot of mystery novels.

  4. Huh idk what the other  people are talking about. She's always drinking some brand of red Russian vodka.

  5. She apologized as soon as she found out the “truth”… which was Jeanette still lying…

  6. I know but I want to watch the show after i finish the books. I’m on Defy Me right now

  7. Anyone else never seen these people on this sub? Like I have never seen anyone like Jason’s character lol 😂

  8. “Hello! I'm Shawn Spencer. This is my partner Radio Star. I'm afraid your video will kill him.”

  9. Jimmi Simpson has the heart of an improv comic. No matter what the directors/writers throw at him, he's fully committed to saying yes.

  10. Once again, pre-20 year old men are expected to be fully-formed adults already, yet I'm willing to bet OP would take issue with an 18 year old woman dating a 28 year old man, due to her "not being mature enough yet" and "the imbalanced power dynamic" due to the fact that she's not yet a fully-formed adult.

  11. 18 year olds shouldn’t be trying to run children on bikes over with their car…

  12. Stay Close on Netflix, Yellowjackets on Showtime, the Outsider on HBO, the Sinner on Netflix I think

  13. Johnathan always felt like a creep to me. In the first season he covertly caught pictures of nance with Steve but it’s ignored since he caught a picture of the Demegorgon. How he got the girl seemed very odd in the show for me

  14. If she doesn’t show up again before the series finale it will be so weird…

  15. I don’t love the Leslie and Max relationship but I’m so mad Max cheated on her after everything she did for all of them. And I get that Murphy is terrified but c’mon after everything she’s been through you’d think she’d have some character growth by now.

  16. I fully agree… but I remember seeing this post after season 3 and TONS of people support Susie and I’ll never understand that!

  17. I assumed he was gay but I definitely didn’t realize he had a crush on Mike. I just figured he was mad that Mike was being a bad friend and just frustrated in general about how to come out to his friends and family.

  18. I really didn’t understand the way she acted in Nancy’s room. Why was she frantically going through all her stuff like that? It was creepy! I also didn’t get the “You have a Tom Cruise poster!” reference that she repeated a second time as if implying something. Can someone explain?

  19. I think Robin finds Nancy fascinating now. In season 3 before she knew her, she scoffed and called her a priss. But then she met her and found out Nancy is actually really brave and kind of a badass and now she’s probably fangirl crushing on her.

  20. His Castle daughter is in an episode too! And a bunch of Firefly actors. I love that he always has his former costars in new shows.

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