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  1. I have the Rush 72 backpack and I use Camelbak Mil Spec Crux 3.0L Short version

  2. I use a single glove while surf casting then take it off. I don't use gloves when handling fish since they will make the gloves stink.

  3. Who the hell watches someone camping in a store car park or round about etc anyway? lol...

  4. Their party won the election. It remains a superior system to one where a cult personality like Donald Trump gets elected. Sorry misspelled cunt

  5. Har har, Trump is epic

  6. I think Kukris are better for scrub cutting etc, not for bushcraft stuff

  7. I have the Condor Village Parang and love it, not sure about Kurki

  8. Hahaaaaa that's so cute!!!!!!

  9. Building a good shelter always takes a long time lol nice work!

  10. There are better "diamond stones" out there but a friend gave me something just like these. I glued them to a small block of wood the same size as the "stones". I start with the medium grit and go down to the fine. Theres no need for the parang to be this sharp but for fun I finished it with a leather strop and some compound and its shaving sharp now. I keep it very very sharp closer down to the handle for fine work and even feathersticks and I keep it a bit less sharp down on the end so I can really chop at things without worrying about rolling the edge over.

  11. This is the best video i've seen on how to sharpen it.

  12. Yeah I don’t think I could do much better than that guy. He’s getting a good sharp blade with easy to find supplies.

  13. Ahhh, yea well I don't even have a bench so for me it's learning how to use cheap but effective materials, at the moment, I am learning to use a Sharpening Puk. and failing miserably.

  14. Ghost 👻👻👻👻

  15. To get a driver for your mp3 player you must take the XML pixel down, transmit the bluetooth form factor so you can hack the FTP driver and input the system then get to the SDD panel through the online CGI array, then parse the 1080p VGA pixel, that should transmit the HTTP antenna, allowing you to download the secret driver-downloader from the secret mp3 player-downloading-device.

  16. This bot knows its shit lololll

  17. The upside down for putin is just his head in the loo

  18. If I could live anywhere for bushcraft. it would probably be Canada or Finland lol

  19. When I am down here, I usually just have a pocket knife and a small tin, start doing shavings and feather sticks lol... I dunno what it is but doing that mixed with listening to the waves is so theraputic and good for my soul.

  20. I suck at sharpening knives, I found it hard using stones too, lol.... im sure there are loads of people who are awesome though, I just seem to dull my knives when trying to do it...makes me rage that I suck at it lmao....like fuck this shit..... 30 mins later I try again haahahahahaahha

  21. When using my folding saw to cut wood I save the little saw dust fur bits that drop which can be used as the first part you use for your ferro rod to spark

  22. Black DVD cases can be used as a hack Kydex material. Ya know the cd cases that pc games or ps1 games came in?

  23. I have a razorblade and some ductape under the shoe insert of my boot as a back up.

  24. Ghost Recon 1 & 2 were the only good Ghost recon in my oppinion.

  25. lol.... that's awesome hahahaha

  26. If you're on a budget and no one will see you, wear pantyhose as they are cheap, they prevent ticks or fleas getting ur ankles and legs, keep you warm in winter, also if you cut off the feet, and just wear them around your ankles they can help prevent blisters. (If you're afraid it's not manly enough, then dont bother) hahaha

  27. What ever you prefer I guess lol

  28. dn4r says:

    I love using bushcraft shit in the back yard just for the hell of it lol.... looks good to me! Always aa bit of fun

  29. This. I suggest very light stropping with a bit of compound or better yet some mothers mag and aluminum polish. Mothers mag is all I use on my strops and it works incredibly well. Just a couple swipes gets you shaving sharp again. On carbon moras i strop at a slightly higher angle than the scandi bevel and it both creates a micro bevel making the edge last longer and it leaves the patina on most of the scandi bevel.

  30. dn4r says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  31. dn4r says:

    While they are both forms of oxidation, rust will eat into the edge and cause damage to the metal, whereas a patina will form a sort of finished seal that can prevent corrosion and future rust damage. A patina works by leaving no desirable area on the blade for rust to form.

  32. dn4r says:

    I'll be honest I started laughing out loud lmao...

  33. dn4r says:

    This guy sounds like a cock and probably is one. He probably should of got decked lol...

  34. dn4r says:

    Little bitch kids trolling reddit again

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