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  1. used to have my dinner either at Choudhary (Bhoomi Colossa) or Zankar (Pav bhaji or Dosa mostly).

  2. haan abhi last week hi gaya tha sec-19. Bahot change ho gaya hai.

  3. KJ Somaiya but I don't want any trouble and they weren't fake cops. Everyone around there knows them. I think the one who called the cops was that Dolphin Frankie's owner chiz everyone stands in front of her shop (area which she doesn't own) and smokes.

  4. Even i have a friend in somaiya who had to pay a fine after being caught smoking on campus over there... although there were a lot of guys initially but they did manage to run off

  5. Hey it's still not over's a long journey ahead and you can still prepare for neet after engineering if u wanna be a psychiatrist or go into ba psychology directly... there's a lot of people who've gone into medicine after engineering you can look up on yt if u wanna that'll cheer u up too! Lastly please take care of your health cz without it everything get's a tad bit difficult.

  6. Aksar is duniya me anjaane milte hai 🧟‍♀️🥳....ajnaani raaho me milke khojate hai👀

  7. Taj hotel jao waha 5000 deke they'll give you teekha and meetha paani alag alag with Boondi Puri and a stove.....khud garam karke banake khalena🤲

  8. Jo teacher se thoda bohot acha rishta ho usko and class teacher ko achese jaake personally Teri situation samajha de pehle shayad phir kuch help mile?

  9. I wanted to leave many times in the conversation and I wanted to just shut him off, but I thought that would be too rude.

  10. Ayee don't sabotage your comfort and sanity over other people's opinions

  11. I never had any problems with left or liberals...but if you are a terrorist apologists then you should be treated as a Terrorist. Also please using fascist fascist term so many times...we The common citizens know its not the scenario stop spreading lies.

  12. Exactly if we were to start talking about the stuff those western nations have done the list would be endless but just because they own the media narrative it's always us who needs to get out shit together lmao

  13. Lost focus and control over my brain completely. My brain works like that of a drunk person. Procrastination. Unproductive time on internet. Lack of efficiency (yesterday i sat to study from 7:30 to 9:30 and only could complete 40 min of lecture) . Lockdown ruined me

  14. I was 17 and Papa was sick at that time and we had some financial troubles so vah joker jaisa Bankar Mall aur shaadi mein jata tha main sham aur raat me to earn extra money Kuchh hi log acche hote the bus Baki pareshan bahut log karte The. And I did this job after newspaper delivery in the morning and Uske bad Ek restaurant mein waiter ki shift laga ke.

  15. I cant speak about the afterlife, but ive experienced a fully immersive time slip into the past. It was the strangest thing ive ever seen/felt and still screws with my perception of existence.

  16. Hota hai yaar hota hai I didn't even know cst and churchgate are different stations🙃. Aage ki kahani to aap smajah hi gaye hoge😭

  17. are bhai 2 mahine me pehli bar school gaya to ye hua vrna meri life bhi wahi hai, ghar se coaching, coaching se Ghar🥲

  18. I made a rule Never interfere in someone else personal life even though they are your closest friends !

  19. EXACTLY????? i can't even get myself to get up istg . Barely get to sleep 3 hrs a day. Aane me jaane me 5and a half hours jaate hai and i dont even feel like i learn something valuable there for most days. Not to forget abhi to just shuruwat hai aage aage bohot tras hai😭😭

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