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  1. Herbstreit actually likes us. He was just pissed that our defense decided to throw our season away out of spite, which is a sentiment I completely get.

  2. Any oil is fine. Don’t get caught up in the type

  3. He is plenty talented, it is just inconsistency and at times he appears passive. When he plays with passion he is great. If he can keep the competitive fires lit and drive strong he is going to draw more fouls, energize and enable the rest of the team. I don’t think it is much more complicated than that. Some smarter fans can probably dive deeper than that.

  4. Wind helps us. Helps the defense and helps the run game.

  5. I’ve never heard that one. How does the wind help the run game

  6. Because the pass will be struggling. In theory anyway. If the wind is bad, we are more likely to call runs. More run plays means more run opportunities means (hopefully) more run success.

  7. But if the pass is struggling won’t the D focus on the run

  8. You really don’t understand development from a team perspective or the pro comp I gave you. What can the receivers do? Lots of reps and film study with Joe. Let him know what they are thinking when making decisions on option routes. Tell him where they would like the ball placed. Learn their on field body language to inform his decision on ball placement. QB coach works on mechanics on his deep ball. Milton had some terrible overthrows last night, but if you looked closely, he was making some in game adjustments and getting a little more air under the deep pass in the 3rd quarter. Will he make the jump we want? I don’t know, but to say it not teachable is just flat wrong.

  9. You are reaching terribly here. Adjustments? More air under the ball in the 3rd? He still didn’t complete one. At this rate of adjustments and improvement he might complete one in the Bahamas bowl next year. Qb coach has had almost two years to work with him and we’ve seen nothing. Same qb coach had less time to work with hooker and we saw incredible qb play. Why are some fans so hell bent on Milton being better than he actually is. He’s going to get the whole month of December to prepare for a bowl game against a good team. Well see what happens.

  10. Milton is who he is at this point. We are going to struggle against the good teams with him next year. Hope I'm wrong.

  11. You’re right. I hope he doesn’t start but heupel will play the best player so we’ll see.

  12. I just wish there were more secondary recruits instead of like 8 d-lineman and only 1 safety and 1 corner.

  13. Yeah we do. Over half of the incoming class is defense

  14. Meathead and team have everything you ever wanted to know about smoking wood in this article.

  15. No worries- just busting you a little. Here is part of the last post I wrote on smoke in a kamado cooker. This was In Response to someone asking about a BGE vs an offset smoker but the information is the same. Let me know if I can help or if you have any questions. It takes a little time to get used to any new cooking style but Kamado (BGE) are fairly intuitive once you get the hang of it. It took me a long time to dial this in but once I did, it made a huge difference in quality of low and slow cooks on my BGE.

  16. There are several parts of davidson county that aren't part of nashville... kinda. They have their own governments within the city. They have their own mayor and police force and stuff. But I think they all pay property taxes to Metro Davidson and most of the county uses metro water service. Nashville government is weird. From the little cities/not cities like that to the crazy amount of council people.

  17. Madison is not a satellite city like berry hill. Madison is 100% Nashville.

  18. Little tidbit of a fact. While Madison is completely part of Nashville, they are the only area with its own separate water utility.

  19. I'm not necessarily sure either should start. See who's in the portal.

  20. Why would you think Nico shouldn’t start

  21. Having never seen him play a down of college football, for one.

  22. I feel confident he’d be better than Milton

  23. Milton's trying to hit the wide open receiver over in Neyland.

  24. I’m not trying to be overly critical of Milton but he was a transfer and backup for a reason. Also a 58% passer

  25. You know if Milton got drafted by, say, Miami, and got to throw to Hill and Waddle, he'd finally have receivers who can run and catch up to his crazy deep throws.

  26. I think they’re legit. I tried but my veins are to small

  27. He had a great game but you can’t dispute his averages are down.

  28. I’ve been lurking in this sub all season. I do the same to 11 other teams sub. Georgia and osu are the absolute worst. You whiny bitches have been running your dick suckers all season about how great you are. You finally play somebody and you get your asses kicked. Now you’re complains about the same coach and qb that you’ve bragged about all season. I’ve been on this thread all day and have loved every minute of it.

  29. Welp get ready for that #4 spot and let’s go fuck Georgia up.

  30. I heard a rumor of infighting between players regarding NIL money. Supposedly, that is why Banks did not travel with the team to SC. Only a rumor that I saw on Twitter, but a believable one. People get touchy anytime money is involved.

  31. I have heard that but don’t believe it at all. Why would it just now be an issue.

  32. One bad game and suddenly we are the worst team in nation. I don’t like thinking like this but it really feels like most people truly enjoy when we suck. Even outside of

  33. You’re totally overreacting and playing the victim card. It’s not far fetched to think we could get upset. We’re coming off a brutal loss, we’re starting a backup qb and Vandy has won two straight league games. Do I think it’ll happen? No not at all. I think we will probably cover but it won’t surprise me if it’s a game going into the 4th quarter.

  34. I need one of those coaches quarter zips. Anyone know where you can get them?

  35. Why would your extended family be involved in this type decision

  36. No, i literally wont. Cops do not prevent nor remedy most crime, statistically they are useless for most circumstances. Keep licking the boot my guy, think you missed a spot.

  37. Go fuck yourself. You don’t have a goddamn clue what you’re talking about.

  38. I hate bootlickers, beta males who love sucking up to people they perceive as “tough” might as well scream “I’m a BETA”!!!

  39. All of you assholes call them when you need them

  40. I do pretty well with Smithfield. Hate to see this

  41. Looks like some dumbasses fell for it

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