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  1. I nicked a plane and crashed it into my workplace during lunch rush.

  2. Did you know how to operate it? That's wild.

  3. Night Sky, because they canceled it after one season and I didn't know that until I was already invested.

  4. Humans are even stranger than you'd imagined.

  5. I saw my very first vagina on a school bus when I was in 7th grade. It wasn’t what I expected

  6. Same. She used to drive alongside our bus in the mornings and expose herself. This was Pittsburgh, so not surprising. She also had an old lady riding with her all the time.

  7. This type of activity might be poltergeist and that kind of activity often occurs when kids are in the house, especially if they are in or near puberty. That may sound strange, but that comes from people who've studied poltergeist activity for decades.

  8. This sounds similar to remote viewing. When I was younger, it happened to me when I was really relaxed. I used to end up in my neighbor's apartment downstairs, everything was a sepia tone and I could zoom in on objects in her apartment.

  9. I'm just sitting here 'chillaxing'. So irritating

  10. I've read where people say it's posts asking for crazy/creepy trucker stories, but personally, I can't get enough of them. That's some good reading!

  11. Traveling by train. I've taken Amtrak by myself since I was a kid (going between parents), and I much prefer it to flying.

  12. After having surgery to remove a parotid tumor below my left ear, a rogue salivary gland activated, and when I eat something sour, I leak spit out of my cheek. Luckily it just looks like I'm sweating, but it makes for interesting table talk at dinner.

  13. Having to go to the bathroom. It's gross and I would give that up in a heartbeat.

  14. I was about 6. We lived in a really old house in Pittsburgh. Woke up to my super-heavy dresser rocking back and forth. Then my closet door opened with the knob jiggling the whole time. Thing was, due to the house shifting, that door was very hard to open as it rubbed against the carpet. My mom later told me that she saw the same thing happen with the door when she was alone in the house.

  15. Mine was great until the last two updates. Now it's extremely slow and freezes constantly. Don't buy this phone. My mom had another moto g play and it is a similar situation. They worked great until the updates.

  16. "l preface this by saying I am a medium" Eye roll. Are you now? Why not proove it and hone in a new era of scientific discovery? I'm excited to hear yor excuses.

  17. Learn how to spell before you insult people. And if you don't believe in this stuff, go elsewhere.

  18. Like picking up on a static monotone radio station from everywhere?

  19. No, it's hard to describe except it sounds digitized, slightly artificial.

  20. Northeast PA on some old native american grounds.

  21. Oh cool. I'm originally from Pittsburgh which has a ton of haunted buildings.

  22. Anywhere can be haunted...I experienced alot of haunted places because it followed me from a 2 story house I lived in. That's where it all started....I still have nightmares about that house. I had one the other day...oyyyyyyy

  23. I'll say one thing... Having a spirit whisper in your ear when in a trailer bathroom is so creepy.

  24. I've shared this, but once when I was vacuuming a store before open time and saw an older black women staring at me. We were both scared looking at reach other and then she disappeared.

  25. I think that if you can realize it has no power over you, it will move on. It's only power is feeding off of your fear. I don't know your age but this happens a lot when you're in the teens to early twenties

  26. I've heard stories about Cardinals from other stories, and it does seem to happen to people. Thanks for sharing that.

  27. I have the same gift/curse as do both my parents. My dad was a hydraulics engineer, very rational, and when he got to a certain age, he finally verified all the things that he also experienced. I've seen ghosts since I was still in the crib. My current apartment is haunted, and two other tenants have their own stories. For us, we see a very very tall figure/shape going in and out of doors, animal ghosts (think small cats or dogs shapes), and I occasionally hear a voice in the room.

  28. Please don't take my advice as rude, but punctuation will make your story easier to read, and more people would read it.

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