1. you said you recorded it, can we hear it?

  2. https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/a7bsh825bc6omks5

  3. No , one I’m looking for is more fast paced

  4. Possibly ‘Over and Over’ - Nelly ft. Tim McGraw

  5. Solved! That’s it Tnx so much

  6. Could it “Shut up and let me go” by the Ting Tings? Relevant part starts at :49

  7. All American Rejects - Give You Hell?

  8. No I recorded it again , I was saying wrong words

  9. Is it possibly Speechless by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes?

  10. The lyrics don't match, but the rhythm reminded me of "We Like to Party" by the Vengaboys - and also basically every other song by the Vengaboys, since they're pretty much all the same.

  11. Very similar but much more upbeat

  12. The melody kind of sounds like "The Lullaby of Broadway"

  13. Might not be Pitbull but similar maybe

  14. “Tip of My Tongue” (1992) was written by Mark Denis Lizotte, an American-born Australian singer-songwriter who uses the names Diesel and Johnny Diesel.

  15. It was in the movie airborne but I definitely heard it somewhere else , really think it’s a American car commercial like Chevy or Ford

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