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  1. because dogs have a lot of uses, dogs were bred into multiple fields of usage over time and included luxury breeds eventually.

  2. Imagine buttsex and sounding being the same thing

  3. You didn't have to leave the app, not click this though,

  4. Yeah, it's just that when I hear Zimo say any of the Chinese voice lines, I internally cringe due to how bad it is.

  5. women after going their whole lives slapping and hitting dudes when they hit the wrong dude.

  6. A wild incel praying he some day gets the chance to punch a girl in the face for bumping into him LMAO

  7. a "tough" woman who takes no bullshit and speaks her mind but is really just insufferable and thinks she should get a free pass to be violent.

  8. You agreed with most of what I said... where am I wrong?

  9. Brutality does not even guarantee a faster fight. It might give you an edge sometimes, but it does guarantee how people will want to hurt you afterwards.

  10. Many times the privileged see equality as an attack on their rights. So some whites feel anti-racism as an erosion of their rights, CIS Straight men see LGBTQ+ as a movement against their rights etc.

  11. Why don't you outline what points in the LGBTQ+ movement hinder straight men from accessing mental healthcare for me.

  12. damn scrolled all 200 comments and only saw one half reference to the coldest line in the game.

  13. But oral isn’t necessary for me. It’s just the awkwardness and uncertainty around this issue that is causing the problem.

  14. this is deeper than oral sex, there is a clear divide in expectation, and delivery and a sever shift in what was considered normal in your relationship, there has been a breakdown in communication, that has deeply affected you, and you are feeding it by shutting down.

  15. I think I’d just rather not know that he liked his exes more. I just want to not worry about it and let it just end with that. Like I said, he will probably be relieved when I say it’s not going to be a thing anymore anyways.

  16. you are avoiding a conversation that is vital to whether this relationship is functional or healthy.

  17. As a man this is bullshit, every man knows how to connect their tritium reactor to the electrical infrastructure grid.

  18. I mean clearly we are born with the blueprints to an effective cold fusion containment and integration system deeply imbeded in our brain

  19. The only thing that matters is what happens from here. If the company has more revenue and profit in the future and is worth more than what he paid for it then you are wrong. Only time will tell. I get you don't agree with me and that you think you are right. You have all of reddit to agree with you. I'm just saying I don't agree with you or with everyone else on this thread.

  20. It’s in their journals. They refer to the upcoming massacre as “NBK”

  21. my my, aren't you deep in the Reddit backlogs. I'm glad you had that information for me. but it changes almost nothing. it still has almost nothing to do with woody Harrelson.

  22. it used to be nice, no one would randomly approach me, people didn't feel compelled to make small talk and every single interaction at work was completely professional.

  23. I dunno, basically just give it a go, people with eccentric names will correct you either way so have a swing.

  24. Please get some help for your self you don't have to live like that.

  25. I get that, power through it, friend. Let yourself go, it's the sweetest thing once you do. It'll never be completely gone, but this isn't a terminal disease. I know the sense of panic that grips your stomach and the shock on your nape that makes you recoil, but you will go past it one day.

  26. Ty, it's haphephobia, I understand it's irationale, and no real pain will come to me.

  27. Thx, but, what is language from? Is it ancient english?

  28. Thx for your advice, but, my name is not even close to japanese plus my country is not even close to japan. I am from iran. Maybe something releated to Ancient Persia or in Old Persian form?

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