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  1. Has something to do with market makers and liquidity. Vy and tommy have both clarified it and said it should be done within a couple of hours. Hopefully this clarifies things. Also price should go back to starting price.

  2. Except MM has sold 5 ETH more than bought and it’s killing the price

  3. Come to Robu Inu where we have a sustainable product

  4. Once the big sell walls "re-adjust" then we'll pass 5 as well. lol

  5. I think people need to have some more realistic expectations.. the days of becoming millionaires from Crypto are becoming MUCH MUCH harder and I feel like this community wont even be happy with a 10x return. Do people agree with me or not? Obviously we would all love to be millionaires but we cant expect that, we know we will grow and making 10-50x returns is still very very very impressive.. pls share thoughts

  6. I’d be very happy with a 10-50x return, but I do think a 100x return is still very possible given the roadmap

  7. Yes you’re right, the more members we get through closer we are to CEX listing and that alone will lose a zero

  8. Why would you even be mad at this? This is what reflections are for

  9. I’m a little mad because the wallets weren’t taxed, so there was no reflection

  10. Yeah I don't understand the full gist of it but I hopped on telegram when I saw the massive sell and asked about it. I believe it's the devs don't marketing moves and such. I was startled lol.

  11. Yeah I found the message but still doesn’t really make sense to me

  12. I just bought in yesterday and it’s because of the community and people like you that I have much faith in the project

  13. Definitely RoboInu (about to manually burn supply)

  14. 100x pays off all my debt and some freedom, but 1000x is heli time for robo meet up

  15. Can’t wait to see you at that millionaire meet up

  16. Whatever its going to be worth it's not going to be enough. He'll be wishing he spent more.

  17. Oh if I had more to spend I would! But the first rule in investing is don’t spend more than you can afford to lose

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