1. Hello, I originally attempted to do something similar, but then I got thrown off by the case where you get two "off" cubes in a row. How does your algo handle that?

  2. Regarding the point on DI, the example given above feels like a strawman argument to me. In that example, there are two top level objects that need to be instantiated/injected into the main function and using a DI framework/pattern is an overkill. Now imagine an enterprise application where the main function needs to instantiate tens of objects, having some form of DI can avoid boilerplate code. This was the point OP's reply was making.

  3. ok... quick to fix everything... everytime you got them in the box, BE SURE that airdots are off so they can charge. So, just put it in the box and turn them off while in the box.

  4. I think the issue here is I don't think it's holding its charge. When it is out of the box, it doesn't switch on at all so there is no switching off to speak of.

  5. I had the same problem....I just cleaned the connector pins on the case and it worked. Basically the problem is the pins on the dots not connecting well with pins on case so try different things out.

  6. Thanks but it didn't help :(. I have tried cleaning the contact points on both the box and the airdot. There is not a lot of wiggle room for the dot in its mould but I did try to shift it every so slightly to retrigger the connection but it still continued to blink red and white. I think I might just have to live with one side for now until maybe I find another charging box to test it out with.

  7. Hello, I am mollymillions1, I live in western Massachusetts. I am new to photography and have taken simple day time pictures with my Nikon D3500.

  8. I like the view from this height. My first impression was that perhaps the photo could be rotated/perspective-corrected slightly so that the park leading to the building in the center is more vertical, resulting in a more symmetric photo.

  9. I like the colours. It looks like it can be used for a travel advertisement!

  10. Just some feature requests: Syntax highlighting for the code. The ability to see the saved articles. Swipe to navigate to next and previous.

  11. Its not clear what steps you are stuck at. Perhaps try adding what you've tried.

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