1. it’s actually a very zoomed in image of stanley donwoods balls

  2. does arrested development have a close up of stanley donwoods balls in it?

  3. its not up yet but if you mean nick it from their patreon and upload it somewhere, no :)

  4. Flag of a little known region of the Gambia called Sël'frįđgĕs&çõ. 🇬🇲

  5. finished college, couldn’t be arsed going home so went to hmv and got these 3 for £55 from the offer they have on, then i went over to fopp, which is basically hmv B (they put their extra stock there) and got the CD (stands for Cvin Dyl i swear). i’ve wanted the two kinks records for a while and the nirvana one i was probably gonna get at some point anyway and why not save a couple quid in a deal?

  6. mine are called Fender 60th Anniversary Jaguar, Fender Player Telecaster and Epiphone Casino

  7. scott the woz (my life also has a blue border around it)

  8. spongebob season 1 vs breaking bad season 1 next please

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