1. I wish. Idiots are so easily elected.

  2. Again. I rest my case they don't belong. There should be an age requirement and honestly if you failed your GED exam 4 times you should not be able to be anywhere near a position of power.

  3. That doesn't change the fact that my dog would make a better candidate than her.

  4. Tyranny of the Supreme Court? Please offer a valid explanation! The US Supreme Court rules on whether the laws/rulings violate the US Constitution. No reference in the OP article disputes that!

  5. Imposing your religious values ie.getting rid of Roe v. Wade and likely will do more to violate the freedoms of all of those who don't hold those beliefs.

  6. Yep I have a feeling a lot of people who rely on social media for work are going to lose their jobs at worst case scenario at best they'll all become hateful cesspools.

  7. So after they rule on the discrimination case doctors will literally be able to throw dying trans people out on the streets without consequence in some states.

  8. Yep it's "agree with us or die" at this point if we don't arrest these people making these threats I don't doubt that people will start acting on those comments.

  9. At least use a realistic number lol. If granny dies and leaves you a 100,000. You rather the govt take 98k, and leave you 2. Inheritance tax hurts middle to low class families

  10. Honestly if it means we could have more social safety nets in place I'd rather have people get less money and have nicer things available so we can actually start acting like a first world country.

  11. I wanna see how the current originalist SCOTUS will consider this in upcoming cases.

  12. They won't because like some Christians they're horrible people that do horrible things and then use the Bible to justify their actions after the fact.

  13. The unchristians among the Rs are furious at the non Christians among the Ds, even though neither of the two groups shows up at church.

  14. I feel you there man whether it's binge eating or anorexia it's extremely hard to deal with an eating disorder. I hope you can work through that.

  15. Dems need to start acknowledging that there are conservatives who want to commit genocide. These laws are a slippery slope into stripping minorities of their rights and then citizenship. Same thing, the same fucking thing, happened in 1930's Germany.

  16. It is deeply concerning how aggressive their focus is on lgbt people as of late. It's like a pitbull that's bitten your arm and won't let go. Conservatives already had a negative view of trans people before but these past few years they've been throwing gasoline onto the fire. I don't know where this ends but hopefully enough Democrats make it to the Senate and House to slow this barbaric assault down.

  17. Here's to hoping. I'm definitely saving what I can to leave the country I'm in a long distance relationship and my partner's family likes me enough that they'd be willing to take me in while I get things settled down for myself. So I'm in a better position than most and I'm really thankful for that. It's just a matter of getting all my documents in order and saving up for the flight.

  18. Nothing says “I believe that rape victims should have to bear the children of their rapists” like banning plan B.

  19. Upholding a contract / EULA is not regulation. It's literally free speech.

  20. Yep. But getting people to understand that is near impossible. It's weird that the people who call us for tech support on simple things like logging in to Netflix get to wreck what makes social media tick.

  21. Ain't it funny that conservatives literally are against anything useful and want to butt in to people's lives at every corner and yet they have the gall to call themselves the party of "morals".

  22. Republicans want to be able to shoot LGBTQ+ people in the back of the head without consequence and it's getting harder and harder for them to deny it anymore.

  23. “Also there's completely cis reasons to prescribe puberty blockers blocking the entire class of medication to harm trans people would be beyond asinine.”

  24. You'd be surprised. Flobby Boeby and MTG have said something similar in the past.

  25. I'd be more surprised if you produced evidence showing someone speaking on this topic and arguing for banning all puberty blockers in every situation.

  26. Oftentimes the most extreme people are what's needed to make abhorrent things seem normal and it doesn't help that science denial seems to be linked to the Republican platform.

  27. Yep. And more importantly the brain doesn't start forming until much later.

  28. If you don't get out and vote and get on the train willingly you're part of the problem and I hope losing what rights we have left was worth it.

  29. Abortion, religious freedom, and free speech are being challenged by the maga crowd don't be daft you knob.

  30. Does that violate section 1 of the 14th amendment, or not, since he'd be introducing a federal law?

  31. Yep. But they read the constitution like they read their Bibles. Which means they don't they just have a charismatic talking head "interpreting" it for them.

  32. Let them home-school, and that problem will resolve itself as they develop terminal cases of “Dude, hold my beer.”

  33. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/michigan-police-kill-man-accused-fatally-shooting-wife-wounding-daught-rcna47274

  34. Unfounded claims made by a man who makes money off of being dishonest about trans people warrants an investigation apparently. These people are evil and I don't use that term lightly.

  35. Section 230 definitely needs clarification. Currently sites act like publishers when censoring legal content they don’t like while still demanding the protection of platforms with regards to illegal content posted by users. The SC should make them choose which one they are.

  36. Here's the problem with that a bunch of people who rely on things being the way they are currently to make an income I have a feeling they'd have something to say if they lost their job due to a bad judgment. Quit being a bellend

  37. Are they going to say "The constitution doesn't even mention social media!" and outlaw it?

  38. I doubt that because how else are you going to spread misinformation to the youths via memes. No they'll just say that websites aren't allowed to content moderate anymore because it "violates free speech".

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