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  1. I love having players like Seeler and MacEwan on the team. They’re fun, exciting, eager, and good at what they need to do. The popular part of this opinion is that I don’t like the entire team being made up of players like this…

  2. I love those guys, especially MacEwen. The problem is that they’re 4th line guys, and they’re currently playing line 2 because of injuries

  3. Proper picture of heineke. The only one that should be allowed of him.

  4. Rodgers is done and the Eagles are having their way with the Packers defense. It’s over. There just happens to be a little time left on the clock. Short of Jordan Love coming in and being a millions times better than he was last year, this is over.

  5. Will Jalen hurts hit 200 plus passing honest opinions?

  6. The only other NFL team that I can think of that released an album mid-season is the 1985 Bears, so hopefully this is just the 2022 version of that.

  7. Thinking back on Foles, it almost doesn't seem real. He's the hardest quarterback to explain. One thing is for certain, he is without a doubt the best Eagles quarterback when he's on. When he's hot, it's like he's possessed by Jesus or some shit. Just unrelenting dimes all over the field.

  8. Eagles Nick Foles is a legend, but any other team and he plays like shit. Idk

  9. If not Anderson then they need to trade back, get a bunch more picks, and get the best CB in the draft. With Bradberry most likely leaving we’d have no one to have with Slay on the outside.

  10. I still think Jalen Carter should be picked if he’s there, but other than him and Anderson, trade back and draft a top corner for sure

  11. DE or stud DT 100% gotta be our first pick

  12. yea, now that i think about it. their defense is top tier with Parsons who runs everywhere on the damn field. They have a good wide receiver core as well

  13. And as we showed, the best way to play Parsons is to not block him whatsoever

  14. Choosing soccer over the palmetto bowl is just disrespectful

  15. I think Clemson is going to dominate, but will keep an eye on it. :)

  16. Jokes aside who does get in at #4 if USC or TCU slip up?

  17. Lots of copium in this thread, y’all are starting to sound the dumbass Cowboys fans who say the Eagles are frauds because they “haven’t played anyone good yet”.

  18. Unfortunately, W take from a Dallas fan. I hate agreeing with you people, stop being smart

  19. That was fun, then it wasn’t fun, then Tatum and the White Boys made it fun again

  20. lopez for lopez trade straight up who says no

  21. Let Brook grow his hair out, shave Robin’s head, and just swap em. Problem solved!

  22. Team record plays a part, and the warriors have been…less than equitable so far

  23. Gonna take over the Celtics, steal a bunch of picks from the Nets, and use them to draft Deuce

  24. shut the fuck up. please shut the fuck up

  25. I think Tatum's just pissed at the refs and won't let them make us lose this game.

  26. If JT’s pissed, unfortunately, no beam for the Kings fans tonight. Hope they see it a lot this season though. That’s a team nobody can really hate

  27. That run to end the 3rd was absolutely needed. We’d been getting owned since the start of the 2nd quarter

  28. Until Fletcher gets fired or we get bedard. Whichever comes first (Fletcher first please)

  29. I was at this game. Aside from the one goal, the loudest point of the game was during intermission. The Jumbotron was in sleep mode, so they had a rectangle with a flyers logo bounding around, just like the DVD logo. When that shit hit the corner, the place exploded. This is where we are as a fanbase. Bombing for Bedard continues

  30. Win today, then go on the losing streak. Delays the Fletcher firing for a couple weeks, but it might be worth it

  31. Legit only three real rings amongst everyone in this image. I’ll let y’all figure out who that is.

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