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  2. Olivia. Idk why. I like Olive and and Oliver but I hate Olivia. Don't even know any bad Olivias in my life.

  3. I really love greek mithology too, but idk I feel like they didn't do justice to Achilles. And the Greek gods... I mean... They were much better than they truly were in mythology XD Apollo wouldn't have sticked around for so long. I would have loved if they had portrayed the myth a little better. Cassandra said to Helen that "her destiny would be in the hands of two men". And they paint it like these two men are Apollo and Achilles. But in reality the men would be Paris and Melenao(if I remember well the name). This is not related with the post sorry, I just wanted to say my thoughts to someone who also knew a bit about the mythology present in TP

  4. Oh for sure. Very not accurate. In fact I couldn't even like Apollo because he's such a philandering jerk in mythology. I wish it was a longer story tbh. I think they could've done a lot more.

  5. I think Kallinger is one of the funniest series. Henry's impression gets me every time.

  6. Woodcutter Sisters series by Alethea Kontis? Think the first book “Enchanted” has the frog prince.

  7. I found it! First 2 chapters of this series. I wish it were longer and more fleshed out.

  8. You're 25 days late yet you still replied to me. Thanks a lot, stranger! (and I'm two days late replying)

  9. My favorite story is A Perfect Storm. I love that it reads like a romance novel in some parts. A lot of people don't like it cuz it's too wordy which is fair.

  10. It’s way too wordy and they should have cut at least half the speeches BUT it’s so fun! And yes, I enjoyed how romance-novel-y it was. Hope they continue to lean into that.

  11. If you could fill up your gas tank whenever you wanted. My mom would send me in with $5 or $10 to make it through the week.

  12. i love olive and i like tammy but TP did them so dirty by making their heads too small and too big, respectively

  13. I think I'm gonna try the Princess Sissi. Looks nice. Do you recommend?

  14. The reason I refused to let my husband go stay with his dad is because of ehat he said to him the last he was there.

  15. I'm just mad that you don't get to tell the mom to fuck off. Sure she was doing what she thought was right but fuck that, I hated every interaction with her.

  16. There have been a few real cases of people willing to let their children/loved ones die because they refuse to break religious code. It’s wild.

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