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  1. oh someone I actually know! she gets drastic work done on purpose so idk if i would call it "botched". but ripped jeans are ripped jeans even if you buy them that way. some of her art is interesting in how it depicts body dysmorphia. but lately she's been making a lot of posts about being "awakened" and being a divine messenger, and idk kinda sounds manic to me.

  2. Uh, that channel is one of the best on YouTube, for real. The Whittaker family documentary still gives me the chills when I think of it

  3. IMHO, Meghan lives above her means as it is, those kids will know far richer people than they are, and I see Archie’s future as a wanna-be rap star like Chet Hanks complete with all the issues, and like Chet Hanks, will do his own TikTok or whatever social media is popular is a decade, tell alls. Just like Chet Hanks has, where he said his mother berates & bullies his father.

  4. Let's hope you're right and the "wannabe with all the issues" trope only gets taken as far as Chet Hanks and not, say, Aaron Carter.

  5. And how is Meghan going to deal with the kids once they get to teenagers and rebel? She’s choosing to bring them up as wealthy elites in Hollywood and we all know how that tends to work out for rich kids there. Is she going to beat them?? She certainly likes to throw things around and scream at everyone.

  6. I'm worried for those kids' mental health tbh.

  7. https://www.google.com/search?q=prince+harry+nipple+pulling&oq=prince+harry+nipple+pulling&aqs=chrome..69i57j33i160.15984j0j7&client=ms-android-samsung-ss&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

  8. Well, that was ... unexpected! The exchange of coy smiles is very telling too.

  9. Oh ya. I tell you what, it's probably not QUITE as common in English acting circles as it is American, but from Silent movies till today, you can't throw a bottle at the screen without hitting a major actor who is clinging steadfastly to the inside of his closet.

  10. See, I wasn't talking about the rules of the church for ordinary people.

  11. I'm not saying she's not divorced, I'm explaining the nuance of why she was allowed to marry Harry in a C of E ceremony.

  12. So do people walk around looking like this and no one makes fun of them?

  13. Not sure some of them leave the house tbh. They probably live their life online, or at most they have a "sugar daddy" or someone who might be their only real-life point of contact.

  14. This isn't a botched surgery. The dude injected oils (ex. synthol) into his biceps himself. He almost died and nearly had his arm amputated. He also tried his luck at MMA and got his ass handed to him.

  15. This photo doesn’t highlight his new face features … he is beyond botched and will most def lose his arms… he got a second chance at life when doctors cut away his muscles that he wrecked but he’s back at it and getting fillers and implants in his face too.

  16. Really? He had his arms back to normal for a while?

  17. Nope. Just nope to all of it. It's like some really fucky anime character come to life.

  18. Like the Michelin man losing a couple tires from his waist but not anywhere else.

  19. Yeah I know. I should have specified: my gay heart from the 90s before it knew any of that is very sad.

  20. Before being pulled by the mods... wonder why?

  21. I think he’s had so many procedures ( chin, cheekbones, mouth, jaw, lips, etc) done that OP may be having a hard time pinning just what is off 🤷🏻‍♀️

  22. Oh my god this. I was sent to counsellors at school and stuck in with the side classes with the kids who were like... The drug cases and the teen pregnancy ones and I was like... I don't understand why I'm here???? College was hell. I did well when literally forced to sit and write but coursework was an absolute mess of "I literally cannot do this" Failed my exams after being a top student through primary and secondary school (because surprise you basically have teachers hanging over you like do iiiiit and stressing you into it... Whereas in college you don't. They saw it as laziness and I couldn't find the words to tell them I literally cannot do it). I also follow the dopamine like crazy. People are like "oh you know how to do so many things" Yeah... The unfinished, unfollowed through hobbies will do that (when I get into something, I go hard... Until I don't).

  23. How's the NHS for initial diagosis/treatment?

  24. Long af. And terrible tbh. I had to fight with my GP before she'd even consider referring me.

  25. Hey, I'm trying to work out whether ADHD would be a useful label for me / whether I should seek diagnosis. I've not considered it until recently because I did really well at school and uni, and on the outside look like a functional adult with a job that reasonably suits me (programming). Some things seem to fit and others don't.

  26. Your second bullet point is so relatable. I am not diagnosed but have been doing research as I've realised so many triats/descriptors of ADHD women seem to apply to me.

  27. Ok.. because I am a very social person and have really good grades at school. I know a couple people with diagnosed ADHD and they all act differently now that I think about it.

  28. Do you have to try really hard to get those good grades, or do they come naturally as long as you make some effort (or a burst of effort when it most counts)?

  29. What happened with her surgery results?

  30. I’m surprised she’s not died under anesthesia or from sepsis yet. Poor delusional soul with no real friend to tell get to knock it off.

  31. Yep. I wish more people understood that the risk of surgery is cumulative.

  32. That’s not even a nose anymore. It’s just a no.

  33. Very close to looking like those unfortunate burn or accident victims who have lost their noses...

  34. I’m confused….Is that the bottom of her ass cheeks popping through in the second pic?

  35. I fear I already know the answer but "woman impersonating a man" or trans guy?

  36. It was a woman impersonating a man. Her motivation was that her friend was straight so this was the "only" way to get with her.

  37. Anyone that tracks trends care to comment ? From a European perspective i know that a lot of Americans go there to retire so the population probably skews old and conservative. When I've gone there (to visit the mouse) it always seemed extremely multicultural though and often I experienced English basically being a secondary language to Spanish in some parts.

  38. It's because people liked his approach to covid. It was sensible and evidence-based, and it respected people's autonomy.

  39. This is the first pic where he looks his age. On the show he looked about 40.

  40. Well, i dont think its too bad. The disease has been getting less serious with time and vaccination, and hospitals are no longer at their limit.

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