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  1. For programming language, "other" is #2 by a huge number. What in the world are so many people using?

  2. You can in fact see! If you click "Toggle data table", the light-blue button below the graphic, you get all the various things people answered. Turns out there's an extremely wide range of things people use :D

  3. I did it in Idris, but didn't find out about the survey until today. (Looks like one person responded to the survey with Idris.)

  4. Nice! Love the variety of languages people use. Hope you felt represented by the other person answering Idris :D

  5. If you had the extension already, it can take a wee bit of time before it recognizes the update (I had to "force" an update in both Chrome and Firefox to update it).

  6. I think there are (external?) stats somewhere that shows those - at least I thought I've seen those before

  7. I wrote a browser extension to do something of the sort, it adds extra stats to private leaderboards, and includes a way to sort on the delta-time between star 1 and 2 of a day. Not at all a full 'solution' but it does give a glimpse into how fast you are compared to others. (Insofar folks do the second star straight after the first one.)

  8. Suggestion for clarification: On the question about participation in previous years, does "later" mean later that year or later at any time. For context, Dec. 2021 was my first time doing AoC, but then, having been bitten by the bug, I went back and did all the other years over the course of the past year. (Woot! I joined the 350 club a couple of weeks ago!) Would that count as later for participation here? Or does later mean over the following year between Dec. and the next AoC?

  9. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll add some clarifications alongside the questions to ensure everyone answers them with the same idea in mind!

  10. Thx for the confirmation! I'll for sure to stick to that or a little less.

  11. I have a stinger that I made in Adobe After Effects that I exported as a webm during a trial version, but I'm hoping to use it in a youtube video. Are you able to use the stinger with openshot, or are you using it with OBS or something?

  12. I don't like Paypal either for the same and similar reasons, but my love for AoC is bigger than my principle to avoid Paypal 😅 so I have an account which I use once a year 😂

  13. Honest question, why do people not like PayPal? What did I miss?

  14. I'll be honest, for me it's a subjective thing, a feeling, built up over the years by many small irritating interactions with their platform, as well as bits of bad news about Paypal. I can't give a rationale anymore, at this point it's merely that I dislike the brand and avoid it when I can. 🤷‍♂️

  15. Only somewhat related, but still possibly of interest to you:

  16. Oh yes, these points sound great to me! Thanks for taking the time, and also thanks a lot for your addon, I've been using it for the past few weeks and am loving it. And I agree the delta time ranking is indeed quite useful to have a comparison beyond the time zone issue.

  17. I feel like second most popular IDE has to be vim. Would be happy to be proven wrong though.

  18. Everything valid, and… you’re the survey boss, so Ill just fill it in next year, whatever the questions!

  19. Check the first and last character of the pattern (first line of input) and think through the implications.

  20. There are so many special things to think about when benchmarking your code... but there's a great solution if you're using C#!!

  21. I wish that Part 2 had involved finding some substring in the polymer (either the index where it first occurs, or how many times it occurs). That way, the generated string actually would matter and the twist would be a little different than just having needed to do the same sort of counting optimization as the lanternfish again.

  22. I was on this path and kind of feel it must be possible. Some VSCode selection highlighting strongly suggests that pretty large chains start to repeat every other step. So chains of about 40 atoms would "flip flop" between two states seemingly consistently.

  23. Clojure, with instaparse. Kinda messy, could be cleaned up for sure, and the parser is probably unnecessary.

  24. Clojure, or any Lisp family member, is very fitting for today of course. Thx for sharing!

  25. My opinion would be to play with a language all year and then get to doing AoC. Doing both at the same time is nothing but pure pain

  26. PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING YOUR BODY oh no wait you're right that's actually a smart suggestion 😅

  27. Not to discourage anyone doing this, but this is why I do it first in Python. This way I know I have the algorithm right. THEN I try to implement in other languages I'm learning - including trying to be idiomatic in that language.

  28. Yeah, that's a great suggestion indeed! Especially if you are more frustrated than amused by being in the meme. (I don't mind the frustration, it drives me more to learn XYZ after all. With the "do it in ABC first" approach I'd probably not do XYZ at all anymore.)

  29. Technically, it actually does specify this case:

  30. Would've liked to see a question what people are, like"professional software dev", "student", "working but not software dev related" and stuff

  31. Thx for the suggestion! Will consider it for next year, though it's always a tradeoff as I want to keep the survey super short. Hope that makes sense!

  32. Aww yiss, welcome back with your 100% unofficial™ statistics! I'll make sure to add your unofficial™ survey to tonight's megathread for more exposure ;)

  33. Well, it certainly seems to have worked! Already nearing 2k responses so on track to surpass last year's. 🙂

  34. Same, neither wins nor losses are registering it seems. I'm just gonna have fun and play on, see how they'll resolve that mess :)

  35. Speaking for myself, I'm likely to miss any given tweet in that particular firehose, and I'm only a very rare visitor to Reddit. Maybe Eric could add a link to your survey from the aoc site next year?

  36. That would certainly be nice... for the survey. But I'd recommend against it for Eric, as he's busy enough, and invariably something like that (however small) attracts questions, time, energy - better spent on free time, family, and AoC itself :)

  37. I did try to help out by putting a link to it in the "new and noteworthy" section of one of the megathreads, but there's only so much we can do because then it starts becoming less "unofficial" and more officially sanctioned :P

  38. Much appreciated (but don't feel obligated!), and it should be plenty too. Got 2k+ responses, which is more than enough to get some interesting analysis. 🙂

  39. This survey is hard for me to fill out due to the limited options, so I'll do it here instead:

  40. Read the response before seeing the poster... had me confused for quite a bit there 😂

  41. I use uMatrix to block all kinds of internet stank. My rules for adventofcode are:

  42. Thanks for your kind reply! I completely understand blocking cookies by default, and thank you for sharing your workaround. I've

  43. Local time system? Take the time the puzzle was first loaded by the competitor as the start time, not the time it was released

  44. Have considered it for sure! But I have no real place to store additional data except on the local browser. So no way to share state across browsers, let alone others on your leaderboard :'(

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