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  1. Shorter distance to target = less time/opportunity to intercept

  2. Was always why I thought trump wanted to buy Greenland.

  3. Lots of NATO bases in Europe are closer to Moscow than Greenland is.

  4. Usually with 250 micron you would want a fan out kit of some kind but for a ftth this is fine. Just make sure the door doesn't close on it.

  5. So it sounds like for this to be improved it would require special equipment; and despite not being ideal/best practice, as far as a protection standpoint, I should probably just leave it alone in the box. As a new customer for FTTH, would it be worth it to mention it to my ISP that just installed this a day ago, or would I be causing a tech some hassle that's not really worth it unless I get a problem down the road?

  6. Correct. It's fine and will work just fine and a call would just be pointless. I think you can ziptie that box closed as well if your worried about the door coming open.

  7. This is a spit in the face to all Americans. She's above the law and touts it by selling merchandise. This is despicable. She literally got caught with a personal server full of classified docs and nothing. She smashed phones and nothing. She bleach washed docs and nothing. No raids no nothing. Trump just living life and gets 3 subpoenas and a no-knock raid.

  8. If your planning your pregnancy, start about a year out and take out extra insurance on your mortgage for short term disability and make sure your wife is covered. It's only about 15$/mo additional and they pay the entire mortgage if either of you go into short term disability. Fyi when a mother is on maternity leave it is actually short term disability. Cancel the coverage after delivery. The extra 150$ saved us around 6000$.

  9. Tarkov shooter quest line has caused me to go from a survival rate of 75% to a 40% in the last two days. I have died on repeat for 5-6 raids in a row. I have also spent 400-500k rubles on VPOs, ammo, and mags. I don’t know why I am so hyper focused on a shit jauger task. Pls send help

  10. You ain't lying. I figure survival rate really means shit right now. 30 raids in of maybe 500 this wipe so to me skills/rep > surv rate

  11. Thomas Sowell was a socialist in college. Some people learn.

  12. Everyone is a socialist in college. You become a "conservative" when you actually start achieving, earning, and owning. Then you want to conserve what is rightfully yours. I wanted handouts in college to. I was also an idiot.

  13. It shouldn't be constitutional for an state to interfere I'm another states local elections. If it's a presidential run then fine but this doesn't sit right with me. I recall new york running adds about the don't say gay bill as well. Florida loves their boy down there. Let them decide what to do without outside interests.

  14. Have you ever been around a fire before?

  15. I'm a redneck. Ive built and put out more fires than you my guy. You can piss on a camp fire and reduce it to embers. Usually a beer or two works as well. It may reignite but it would still reduce the light levels enough to better support night vision.

  16. Fine even add a kick mechanic to push around the logs then water on it. Whatever my guy, the point of the mechanic is still the same. You fucks just want to argue

  17. Sry, is this the wrong sub? Should I repost in sub above?

  18. This sub is for redeeming award miles and discussing various options. Not earning.

  19. Ok the question also exist which points should I be trying to get

  20. After quick Google, no no modifications have been done to gpu or ram in bios or otherwise

  21. It's quite hard to break something in the BIOS so if you just enable XMP if it isn't already and try it out you could get a free performance boost.

  22. Thx man I'll give it a shot. First time I've heard this mentioned.

  23. After 5 min or so they start hovering... I love it. Would bring player scavs in as bait for good loot etc. Decent fkin idea. Everyone upvote this!

  24. Divert blame to the object, not the person. Kids die everyday to vehicles and we blame the driver. There wasn't a person that beat the kid with a pelaton, the pelaton had a defect. If a glock has a flaw and that flaw causes injury or death they can be sued. It's a flawed argument none of you can see through due to your hate for guns.

  25. The poverished in America are richer on average than most European countries.

  26. How many muslims do you know? I know several and their values align more with mine than most Americans.

  27. I think his point was that saying "all muslims are either suicide bombers or future suicide bombers" isn't totally wrong and I'm saying that it completely is.

  28. His point was the idea of taking a blanket position and applying it to a whole subset of people. Here let reverse it. I know a whole bunch of conservative rednecks who don't like guns that means all conservative rednecks don't like guns. Your ideology is taking away the singularity of the individual. There's Muslims who like pork. There's conservative who hate guns. There's women who are pro life. It is idiotic to stand on the fence of "well I know 1 so they are all like that", because everyone is uniquely individual.

  29. Okay? It’s easy to call people of the past racist. Fact remains he passed the civil rights act.

  30. So it's OK if a president says bad things but does good things? Kinda like 2 years ago and mean tweets huh.

  31. Except 2 years ago it was trying to overthrow the government and doing bad things.

  32. But with evs and solar shouldn't we see some kind of slow down? Entire countries are now entirely run ok renewable. I think the US is at like 30% and the world population is in decline. Why isn't all we have done to cut down on this seen here?

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