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  1. I read comments like this all the time. This is nonsense. No matter what else is going on in the world, there is very little that matters more to me than my portfolio. It is my life's savings, my estate for my children, my principal from which I make my income, and represents decades of hardwork and sacrifice.

  2. I’m so happy I have found this review. I have been taking 10,000 Iu and more because of YouTube channels. I have insomnia and I can’t understand why.

  3. Hey! Same, the only way I found out about this is through Reddit search. Google has NO results talking about how dangerous 10,000 IU Vit D is and how it causes SEVERE insomnia, racing heart, and sleep interruptions.

  4. :3 (femboy who wants a mommy dommy or another femboy to do whatever they like)

  5. I think rivalry week doesn’t abide by classical football thoughts. But if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t bet on Michigan tbh

  6. Hmm we'll see.. you never know. If they pass versus run the ball at the right times unlike today OSU is finished. Also Corum will carry again. I hope we pummel Ohio state. Go blue!!

  7. he's super handsome.i would want my man to look like this. not a fan of facial hair nor thick body hair being hairy is gross imo and that's my preference blah blah blah

  8. nvm i thought u said the opposite. i also don’t prefer body hair or beards. but sometimes a LIGHT beard or stubble is hot on guys.. like marlon taxiera or christos douglas

  9. The queen bee. The elites. The government. All against us finding dommy mommies.

  10. You have not "left the matrix" because you're on here typing responses.

  11. Yikes. You have zero proof. All that non-sense you spout yet he makes a stronger point than your "empirical and physical laws" which don't even prove the fairytales you believe. You sound like someone who's definitely going to stay in the matrix which you're creating in your own head anyways.

  12. You're avoiding the question. And no. It's clearly the right sub since it's where people are talking about it.

  13. How do you know what a SIM can support? We don’t even really know if we are in a SIM. How delusional are you? New research shows that we can store thousands of books worth of data in one strand of DNA. Scientists just conducted numerous experiments proving this. Wtf do you know?

  14. How ironic you came off as very selfless and anti-ego blah blah in your first comment talking about how calling people NPCs is detrimental and narcissistic and then you tell him "Wtf do you know" in a condescending and belittling manner.

  15. I’m not selfless nor anti-ego. I’m human and imperfect. However, I’m also not a narcissist and am aware of how narcissism and the notion of most people being NPC’s is a common trait among mass murderers and the latter is also the justification that has been used for religious and racial genocide throughout history. For example the conquistadors saw native Americans as subhuman and soulless or in modern terms “NPC’s”. Same with slave owners who owned African Slaves in early American history. Why are you more bothered by my condescending tone and the “irony” of my comments, than the notion of people considering other human beings soulless “NPC’s”? Anyone with compassion and common sense will understand my frustration. If it’s hard for you to understand then perhaps I’m wasting my time.

  16. So? I'm saying to be a little nicer to people. If you're human and imperfect, that doesn't mean you should be a condescending and insulting person. That doesn't justify it. And there you go doing it again, assuming I don't have compassion and common sense because I called you out. And, no, it's not because "I don't understand you" or don't know that the NPC theory is harmful. All those assumptions you make lead you to nowhere and just prove that you are indeed a condescending person with narcissism, or at least were in the comments you made here. Yet you say calling people NPCs is narcissistic and detrimental but the way you carried yourself is the same. You're hypocritical.

  17. You need to pay estimated taxes on large amounts. If you wait until April, the IRS will fine you if the amount you owe them is too large. Kind similar to the same reason they make you pay estimated taxes with each paycheck instead of waiting until the end of the year to pay it in one lump sum. Most people can get away without paying estimated taxes on capital gains because the amount is not that big.

  18. What if it is big? What if I made $500k in 1 month? Do I have to pay taxes on it before April 2023?

  19. Its been a real journey for me when I found out I was 18ng/ml and not sleeping very well at all. Supplementing D and B and multivitamin has been what brought my sleep back.

  20. Honestly after I took the blood test yesterday confirming that I’m not Vit D toxic anymore and that I’m healthy, my stress and anxiety has gone down a lot and my sleep drive already has come back a bit just from that.

  21. Thank you my friend for the well wishes. Glad I could pass on information that I found that not many people know about.

  22. Thanks again for the advice, you helped me out big time bro. I'm going to stay out the sun for 1-2wks more but while I'm at it I'm going to supplement 400mg of magnesium everyday and then start going back out in the sun while still supplementing the mag and B-50 until my sleep goes right.

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