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  1. I'd guess that that mouse has toxoplasmosis, that or it is just incredibly stupid. Either ay that fox is about to have a nice snack.

  2. "So, you're telling me you know where humans have hidden their chimken... is that right food?"

  3. Fox is obviously sick... with love of its human. That and tickles.

  4. Honestly, I'd rather see DD's have something more akin to what really happened. Been playing the early access of "Destroyer-The U Boat hunter" which is a simulation where you play a destroyer that is trying to protect a convoy from attacking submarines.

  5. The issues I see is the Destroyer is going to be spotted this whole engagement and it has to move slowly while being spotted to see a submarine in this proposal. On to of that, WoWS Subs are already moving near DD speeds so the Sub is going to outrun a Destroyer moving slow enough to hear it.

  6. Some time ago, I spoke with someone who plays a kind of 'tabletop' or 'sand table' miniatures naval game. In that discussion, they explained how their game was based off of how combat was 'gamed' out by the British during WW2, when they were sorting out various aspects of how the Germans were finding and sinking convoys.

  7. There are so many people who were left damaged after Covid, that it surprises me how horrible, and judgmental people can really be. You'd think they'd recognize that there are those out there who simply can not help things, and not treat them like some pariah who shouldn't be allowed to leave the confines of whatever home they live in.

  8. Foxxo is about to yawn, and then go right back to sleeps.

  9. Wow, I did not know that rabies has been eliminated in the UK. That is amazing to me

  10. UK, Germany, France, and... eh, honestly most all of Europe has completely eradicated it.

  11. Fascinating. Wish we could have done something like that in the US

  12. It might work here, but the sheer amount of land you'd have to cover makes it near impossible to get a good overall concentration.

  13. "And then the hooman fell and dropped all their chimken, and I got it!"

  14. But I imagine you wouldn't screw it down in that case.

  15. You would, if you didn't want the cardboard constantly shifting around.

  16. But you said you might do this if you want to protect the surface the vice is on. You wouldn't screw into it in that case no? Or did I misunderstand.

  17. It's just easier to find a box that covers the entire surface your vice is on. Since you don't want the vice to shift, you bolt the vice down through the cardboard. Later if the cardboard gets damaged, you pull off the vice and switch out the box.

  18. Steeple jacks will do some things that make OSHA guys cringe.

  19. It's important to use it sparingly and carefully though, it bioaccumulates like a motherfucker. You don't have to spray it on an eagle nest for it to affect them, badly, it gets in the food that their food eats, getting more concentrated as it moves up the food chain

  20. I've worked with the EPA in the past (Environmental Engineer), and have seen DDT used to cut the mosquito population down. Back when Avian Flu was starting to really cause problems, the EPA authorized a number of state agencies to spray DDT. If memory serves, it's not mixed to the level it was back in the 70's, but was still effective. The rule the EPA gave with it, was something like "One spray per location, per year." Or something similar to keep the concentrations down.

  21. Interesting! Thanks for the insider info 😊

  22. Anytime. I specialize in watershed engineering, so most of my time after that was spent dividing my time between monitoring the concentrations, and running the gauntlet of protestors.

  23. Yea. They presumably have it still. It looks like it's still supported by the wires. I guess the real

  24. Depends on if they have a pole of the same size available, and what the local regulations are on pole type. IE is it one of those 'green' ones that used arsenic as a preservative, or creosote. Both are still used, but it all depends on what the various municipalities regulate.

  25. don't think so, first guy was kinda dumb and still kinda new. second one was maybe drugs. 3rd shift and over crowded dock too. Dock doors are supposed to be shut when there aren't trailers on door, but roll up doors were broken from people running into them with freight. peeps skewer stuff at our place too, cost the company a few important customers since it happened so often

  26. First guy being new, probably didn't know any better. Chalk this one up to lesson learned.

  27. Been there, done that. Worst I've done was have the Roadway driver somehow miss the damn big ass yellow forklift in the back of his truck, with the driver off of said lift and repositioning a box that fell over, and lock me inside before driving off.

  28. This photo is, if memory serves, part of a safety training module that Walmart used to use. You can pretty effectively date it, as he's wearing the old style of nametag where there was a star between Wal, and Mart.

  29. "Am smol. No hurts. Gives only scritches, and cuddles, and chicken nuggies please."

  30. "I made this, hooman. Gives us treats?"


  32. "Several". The Termit missiles as originally built had a hollow shape charge. Basically a HEAT type round. This was intended to defeat heavier armored ships, such as the American Carriers. However they were later rearmed with a larger payload in the 1970's. Eilat's sinking, however, wasn't just down to the missiles themselves. At the time the missiles hit, the ship was not at general quarters. Commonly called 'battle stations'. Because of this, the watertight doors were not sealed, allowing compartments to flood faster than had the ship been at general quarters.

  33. Not all cruisers van pen +32. Some require ifhe to pen.

  34. Ironically, the majority of battleships that have that armor thickness, were either designed by nations that never expected to face air attack; or were done because the nation needed to shed weight to put the armor plate elsewhere or mount larger guns.

  35. I liked Saint Illeso, it felt way better to go around than Steelport. I think its a really good location for this story, since usually we don't have Saints Row games having such a presence in a more western location, and they usually always exist in some form of metropolitan area. I'd put it under Stilwater, but I still love going around it.

  36. Yeah. That was something that struck me as odd. Some of the stores having tables made sense... but others were... weird.

  37. Not ideal but those are the pallets with solid blocks in the corners so its essentially as safe as blocking would be and it's obviously not a permeant solution.

  38. Probably an empty trailer where the landing gear broke and they are putting it aside till they can fix it.

  39. I've actually seen companies I worked for do this. In our case, the driver had gone over a railroad crossing, only to have the landing gear snag on a rail and just rip out from under the trailer. Once he got back to the plant, we offloaded him, then rounded up enough pallets to hold the trailer up and let him pull out from under it to get another trailer, while we waited for someone to come out and fix it.

  40. Foxxo on the left looks particularly grumpy that hooman woke him up.

  41. I shared this originally about 9 months ago, but at the time didn't have a good grasp on what was going on. So here's the details: A user on the then official discord for this game commented that their game was quote "broken". When pressed to explain, they presented this video, which I'd say nicely sums up the issue.

  42. "Fen is innocent of crimes hooman. Let Fen free!"

  43. Yeah, imagine homing weapons in this game. It would be a disaster!

  44. Not really. Missiles are actually rather easy to defeat. There's another game (mobile) that I play that uses them, and they're easy to defeat there. Missiles don't know how to avoid terrain, so if you hide behind an island, the missile will try to go THROUGH it to get to you. Smoke screens also mess up their guidance.

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