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  1. Fortunately, that's something everyone should be familiar with and know how to protect themselves.

  2. Yeah, I feel like a lot of people are overusing ‘gaslighting’ as a term when they really just mean ‘lying’

  3. But sometimes it's not even lying. Memories are very selective. And can be screwed with.

  4. Relatable. I have a real issue about actually eating food in front of other people.

  5. For me it's more like sitting at the table, because I can't escape while eating.

  6. did you get nauseous and tired upon first taking the medication?

  7. I'm a 40 year old virgin, and I'm a backwoods hermit with PTSD (very long and horrible life story), now that the horrible stuff is mostly in the past I'm too old, and too weird to start dating, plus its hard to meet anyone when there is nobody around for many miles and I go months at a time without any human contact.

  8. One way communication links and hsoc does exist and are used though?

  9. Yes, but which one? Paranoia and distrust of authority is another big one.

  10. I am not debating that. I made a statement that is factually true on Ukraine and a pretty obvious statement on what America or any other country would do.

  11. Horse rib steak is fucking delicious. Unfortunately most restaurants near me don't serve it. Just like 1 in 10.

  12. That makes no sense. You can live without oxygen for a few moments during which you would be panicking and consciously suffocating

  13. CO2 makes your suffocation response, not the lack of oxygen. If there's no CO2 and no oxygen you barely notice you're falling asleep.

  14. I would consider myself an empath, and I have been manipulated by narcs and borderline.

  15. You aren't paying for speech, you are paying for recognition.

  16. What's a life lesson you learned from it or what advice would you give people given what you've went through?

  17. First of all, when you lose people, whether it's one or 100, it's going to change you deeply forever. My personality was a lot colder before I encountered death, and it will soften you and give you empathy like you wouldn't believe.

  18. Wow, thank you. What you wrote really touched my heart. What I realised after going through a rough phase, was how absurd everything is. People doing stuff just so they don't get bored, wars, fights, drugs, religion, hobbies, having pets. Seeing the world with new eyes living a life that's not for granted and then dying at a random moment, for what? Life's so absurd.

  19. They know exactly what they’re doing. They don’t care. And some of them are absolutely manipulative psychopaths and extremely dangerous.

  20. Ah yes, the non-vegetable peanut-olive-and-avocado oil.

  21. This stupid fuck thinks he has more influence than he actually does.

  22. This year I went to the zoo with my mother who has a cane, and a seal kept following the cane through the glaass, was a real beautiful moment.

  23. Why is Twitter the epitome of free speech in America? It’s a company that has terms and conditions. Just like EVERY other company in the country. Little or big, company’s have rights of their own.

  24. That's where I disagree with my favourite philosopher Sam Harris. Social media has too much influence not to allow free speech.

  25. Elon’s tweets sound exactly like Trump

  26. If Russia does use a tactical nuclear bomb and news that Iran wants to attack Saudi Arabia is true then it would be a complete shock if this wannabe peacekeeper doesn’t invade Taiwan.

  27. Nato can handle those 3 wars if we don't need to invade the countries.

  28. China finally realises that starting another global nuclear arms race isn't that good of an idea

  29. Explanation: You can't criticize judaism because of the holocaust. You're antisemitic if you do it apparently.

  30. Can someone translate that to layman's terms in regard to what those activated parts of the brain do/control?

  31. It seems every Halloween there's some guy in blackface who's like "but it's a costume bro"

  32. I don’t remember the last time I saw someone in black face. People really are just putting their racism out there with zero fucks given these days huh?

  33. Or maybe the "hole in one" videos are the lucky ones and "bad shots" are the norm? Even though this one isn't really bad at all.

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