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  1. Idk. I think the are about the same. Cam was just forced into running more with his offense. When he could settle into the pocket with good protection he was an elite pocket passer.

  2. Your stats are not accounting that Josh Allen hasn’t still finished his last season and didn’t fully start his first season, which Cam did. So their numbers are comparable with Allen having less games.

  3. If your take S2-4 for each they are still pretty close. Idk….I just don’t see JA as significantly better than CN. Sure, definitely had better results. But can you say that is based solely on QB play? Eh.

  4. Of course Diggs helps Allen tremendously. But I do believe Allen have the better arm tools, allowing him to attack a bigger field range. The guy very well could have the strongest arm in 20 years.

  5. For that reason the schools should all be locked and completely empty.

  6. Schools, particularly in summer, offer extra curricular and summer activists that don’t need the bell system. So they wouldn’t be necessarily locked.

  7. Why is there fresh perishable food in so many of the lockers?

  8. To me, totally. It’s a well written and nuanced character. Very difficult to interact with, but good natured even if overtly cautious and severe. Hyper empathetic to a fault (obviously) and eager to make sense of everything. Has a set of very well stablished special interests that goes beyond any typical NT fixation.

  9. Bryan Fuller and Hugh Dancy have said that Will isn't autistic though, no?

  10. Not at all. Literally the first line the character says is that he is autistic.

  11. El pedo con Tenoch es que es le echaba la culpa al clasismos/racismo cuando en verdad era que le faltaba crecer como actor, tanto en darse a conocer como en habilidades, hay muchos actores incluso con rasgos mas marcados que EL y con menos oportunidades en la pantalla y no se han quejado de eso, el solo usó el supuesto clasismo/racismo en su contra para hacer ruido

  12. O tal vez porque se enfocaban mas en mejorar su talento y no de aprovecharse de la lucha de otros que si sufren discriminación

  13. Todos sufrimos de forma relativa. A Tenoch solo le toca hablar de lo que le, pues, toca, igual que todos.

  14. I really hope no one is forcing you to use the term "petersonian" unironically

  15. Haha don’t worry. It’s always been used ironically, as a signifier.

  16. Honest question: if, as you said, you haven’t seen the problems other communities have here what would be the difference or the need for a new community?

  17. This one accepts men and woman but it's nice to have a couple places for people to go. I explain it a bit more in my subreddit, but basically I really just needed a place where it's not filled with flashy images for one due to visual problems. [Im not sure how thats gonna work out yet but im going to try] And I wanted people who believed In levels to feel accepted while also being accomidating towards other people on the spectrum and not be anti self diagnosis ect. It's not a ton different I'm not super unique but I'm just offering another place and doing my best to make things maybe a bit more accommodating while still letting people know hate isn't okay. I'm mostly not directly saying what communties have done what because I don't want to get involved this community so for has been good that is true. It's hard to build commu ties and I get that. Things happen, nobodys perfect but I have seen a lot drama and hate lately elsewhere.

  18. Very nice Fuji x100t. Just as good as modern Leicas without the price tag.

  19. I'm not waiting for any 'gotcha' I'm simply trying to understand you and your meaning of 'philosophy'

  20. Well that depends is a cook not a cook, just because their food is bad or is the distance in ability/knowledge between a cook and a chef comparable to the distance between a thinker and a philosopher?

  21. Thats the thing, I wouldn’t even say Peterson is a thinker due to his willingly bad faith arguments. He has used pseudo science (proven) to make his points. He has elaborated (proven) out of context arguments to drive his own narrative. He has plagiarized (proven) Marxist texts to modify certain aspects to spew anti marxist ideas.

  22. Too old to consider. It will lose support next year and the processor & camera leap between the X and the Xs makes the X a tough pill to swallow; at any price.

  23. Hingeless AND Rimless? Lindberg. Cartier’s hinges are solid too, but they do use screws. But solid none the less.

  24. But they are asking men to do it for them that’s the point lol and it’s not really my issue since I don’t care either way I just think it’s a bit hypocritical

  25. No, they don’t. They are asking men to not be assholes. But the ones marching and proselytizing are them.

  26. They literally are I don’t know what rock are you living under to not see that.

  27. It’s a 850mhz Pentium III, 256mb of ram, a 20gb ide drive and an Intel graphics chip. The base has a DVD reader, a floppy drive an a couple more ports (serial, paralel, more usb, etc.)

  28. Perfect late 90s portable gaming machine. I’m envious.

  29. Jefferson > Aman-Ra > Mooney > Watson

  30. Your face is oval, and that’s the most flexible face shape. You can practically use whatever you want.

  31. My bet is on about how he’s using a red cap and some oakleys in his picture

  32. Hay personas cuya única oportunidad de llamar la atención es hablando mal de otros más destacados. En ese sentido, dan una lastima tremenda, por lo que no vale la pena discutir con ellos: realmente necesitan la atención.

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