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He do be dancing though

  1. The supposed effect of creatine on DHT is so overblown as to be absurd. Hundreds of thousands of thousands of people have taken creatine without issue.

  2. I thought so. He really is proving to be a stupid man who built his image stealing credit from smart people that work for him.

  3. Hes just the new Steve Jobs. Never created a thing, steals everything and has convinced people he's a genius.

  4. While Jobs was a horrible human being, at least he had vision. Elon is just a bored rich kid desperate for people to like him and lacking any kind of vision.

  5. Maybe. It doesn't change the fundamental fact that their primary skill was in convincing the gullible how brilliant they were.

  6. Irony: The man who fires employees for criticism crying about censorship and free speech like the cowardly hypocrite that he is.

  7., I really don't want to break your heart or confuse you further but professional wrestling IS fake.

  8. They sure end up with real injuries.

  9. You're telling me the Undertaker isn't really a zombie mortician? Scandalous!

  10. He didn't spend 4 years at Zombie Mortician college to be called fake.

  11. Don’t be ridiculous. Free speech only means that shitty people get everything they want with literally zero negative consequences or repercussions. Anything else is censorship. It’s in the constitution probably.

  12. The gains were the friends you made along the way.

  13. They have to be run and make a profit and there is little profit in the generation of power or supplying water.

  14. There is profit and there is exploiting your workers, engaging in illegal practices and doing everything you can to not pay taxes. Utilities don't do those things. Billionnaires do.

  15. You misspelled exploiting your workers and paying zero taxes.

  16. Yeah I would have thought after "pedo man" that would have made people realize he's a self centered cry baby.

  17. The mental gymnastics his cultists use to defend his nonsense is truly impressive. He's done what Jobs and so many others did: manipulated a cult of personality who will defend him regardless of his actions.

  18. In all seriousness, all women are different in that regard. His comment about it could also be just another symptom of his complete inability to realize just because something isn’t true in his experience, doesn’t mean it it’s not true for other people.

  19. He's also said he thinks the female orgasm is a myth. He just sucks in bed.

  20. Thanks for informing us about this important decision! Don't forget to close the door behind you

  21. As is the case, free speech will equal fake speech. And of course Elon can make up anything he wants and his cultboys will buy it without checking nor needing verification.

  22. Lie travels around the world before the truth can tie its shoes or something like that.

  23. Very profound. Irrelevant. But profound.

  24. Them: People don't want to work.

  25. God I guess which is why you get.

  26. But I don't have 25 billion dollars.

  27. You would need to look at the potential profit against whatever fees you're having to spend to make the trades. Unless it's pretty significant, it seems fairly pointless.

  28. The IRS certainly likes to f**k people so....

  29. When Elon announced this celebrities, billionaires, politicians and the dumb normies were complaining about $8 being too expensive for Twitter and free speech. People on the right were mocking liberals whining about their meaningless check mark but completely missing THE ACTUAL PROBLEM WITH THIS.

  30. Free speech means anyone who sucks Elon’s cock can say anything they want (except negative things about Elon).

  31. What an egregious lie. The taxman has also never heard from him.

  32. It amazes me that Elon has so many fanboys. Dude is a total douche. Just mad with power and he deserves to lose all 44 billion over this.

  33. Trump is personally invested in "truth social."

  34. Maybe Elon will buy that one and tank it, too.

  35. In the US at least, I don't believe legally that it is.

  36. The fake accounts will have better spelling and punctuation.

  37. Also I am using Reddit Crowd source the mental health help I require.Without worrying the people I truly care about. I want to end the conversation in this thread. But you can always DM me :)

  38. Thank you, I feel both seen and heard.

  39. We have it in the Netherlands as well, 400 euros a year "own-risk". So the first 400 a year you pay yourself and after that almost everything is paid for by insurance. We do also pay 150 monthly. Of has gone up alot and people are getting mad.

  40. In the US, depending on your policy the deductible is in the thousands of dollars. And the cheaper the policy the higher the deductible. So you're screwed either way.

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