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  1. I’m also planning a trip to Japan soon and have a nut allergy! I’m also iffy using google translation for this so was wondering if you could prepare a text so that I can print out! Thanks

  2. A nut allergy is not a big concern in Japan if you're eating Japanese food as long as you avoid the usual risky things (such as desserts) and avoid places like Thai or Chinese restaurants that might be more likely to use nuts. My girlfriend has never had a problem over many many trips (she's actually Japanese but lives abroad). I'd recommend googling something to print and/or using Google translate though.

  3. Actually we sequence every case that is confirmed by PCR. You can see the breakdown in this recent article

  4. Come on, it's ridiculous to bring foreign tourists into it (and as the 2nd/3rd most important explanation at that!). The number of foreign tourists in Japan is very low. The vast, vast majority of these cases are spreading inside family homes, workplaces, schools. Between commuters and at busy izakayas. The amount of COVID spread by tourists is likely barely enough to move the needle.

  5. It's a bit wanky, but Mario "Konmari" Kondo's process of holding objects and asking yourself if they spark joy is really good for getting rid of things that you've had in boxes for years. Anything that doesn't gets thanked for its service to you and sold or given away.

  6. Agreed, I did something similar recently while sorting through about 30 years of my old stuff that I'd slowly accumulated in my parent's loft that they needed clearing out. Briefly held and looked at every object individually and made a snap decision to keep or scrap. Got rid of about 80% of it. It was a bit sad throwing away a lot of things from my childhood that were quite sentimental, school projects etc... but in reality, most of this stuff would have stayed in storage without being looked at until I die, and then be thrown out by someone else anyway decades later as it's only meaningful to me.

  7. It's surprising how easily available codeine is, given that it's on Japan's

  8. Rich nations like US, Canada, UK and so many other "developed" countries have such pathetic mental health services.

  9. Mental health care seems more normalized in the US compared to the UK. In so many American TV shows, people talk about "my therapist" like it's totally normal to have a therapist, almost like something that everyone has, which sounds strange to someone from the UK - I barely know anyone who talks to a therapist or has ever talked to one. It's completely off the radar for most people, even though I'm sure everyone would benefit. Of course, TV may not reflect real life. But they probably wouldn't talk about therapists like that if it would sound strange to Americans.

  10. The Japanese embassy can issue a document in case of recent infection still causing a positive PCR. This page is for the Edinburgh consulate (first one that came up on Google) but London will have a similar procedure. It's a bit of a hassle though, and you might not have enough time to get it done.

  11. The government told everyone to unmask outdoors over six months ago. I see, perhaps, 3% of people doing this right now.

  12. It must be really hard to teach while not seeing the kids faces. I feel sad to see young kids wearing masks (I've only seen in photos - kids under 11 didn't wear masks in the UK where I live) and it surely must affect their development growing up like this.

  13. We’ll just have to agree to disagree because this is just honestly not my experience

  14. Same here, it was always a small minority during the times I was visiting in Jan-Feb before the pandemic, both city and rural areas - there certainly were a few people wearing masks but not many. I've looked through my old photos and it's hard to find anyone wearing a mask both indoors and outdoors!

  15. I’ve seen a lot of discussion about whether or not the U.K. should boycott the World Cup because of Qatar’s terrible record on human rights / position on LGBT issues.

  16. This is not true at all. Iran is an awful regime but spreading misinformation and rumours is not helpful.

  17. Open to being told this is incorrect, but your link doesn’t work!

  18. Sorry, I think that site may be blocking some IP addresses. Archive link:

  19. Badly written article conflating Europe with the EU.

  20. Word the questions correctly and I'd imagine it's a pretty big majority.

  21. There was also shockingly high support (although not a majority) for permanent authoritarian measures being taken regardless of COVID in a poll during the height of the pandemic, including permanent masking (40%), permanent 10-day quarantine for arrivals (35%), the permanent closing of all nightclubs (26%), and a permanent 10pm curfew after which you can't be outside without good reason (19%).

  22. Would it be authoritarian if we had similar rules in an Ebola outbreak? I think people would be screaming for the government to 'do something' if they just left people to make their own choice of what to do.

  23. No, but as someone else mentioned, the authoritarian streak showing in the answers to this poll is that people wanted many of these measures to be implemented forever. A quarter of the population wanted to make it permanently illegal to open a nightclub in this country, for example. Saudi Arabia is one of the only countries in the world where I believe that is the case, perhaps Iran too.

  24. Is it actually good? I just can't bring myself to watch it.

  25. There's a lot of horrible death scenes, ipad goodbyes etc, I'm sure it happened a lot but it's hard to watch.

  26. I would like masks to be mandatory but honestly being the only one wearing one really doesn't do much at all other than paint me as a weirdo

  27. You should just wear a proper, well-fitted mask yourself if you're concerned (FFP2 or better, FFP3). It will protect you well and it's not pointless. There's no need to care or worry about what other people are doing, when you are already protected yourself.


  29. Looks good, it's a horrible road to cycle on at the moment. The improvements to the CS7 along the nearby A24 through Balham and Clapham are great too.

  30. Genuinely curious. Why does Japanese law require you to carry your passport around with you everywhere you go? If a police offer wants to check if you are in the country legitimately, couldn’t they simply look up your details in their system like they do in pretty much every other 1st world country? I’ve been to America, South Africa, Canada, Europe and the to the UK and you don’t have to carry your passport around. My UK’s driver’s licence has always been enough to confirm my identity and when I was stopped in the UK, the police offer ran my details through his computer. Is Japan just that far behind?

  31. I'm speculating - the law regarding carrying your passport in Japan may have been in place unchanged for a long time, since before such checking systems were developed? They may not even have a country-wide computer system that can be checked on the fly. As anyone familiar with Japan knows, the country sometimes progresses at a glacial pace and is often behind with technology these days.

  32. Yeah I feel like saying that people wearing masks sounds depressing is agenda driven (i.e. they are anti-mask).

  33. I've lived there for a good 20 years mate. Sure it's way more pronounced since COVID, but masks (plus school closures for the flu) weren't uncommon beforehand.

  34. It wasn't weird to see someone wearing a mask, but it certainly wasn't particularly common - I was usually in and around Sapporo in Jan/Feb (flu season) for several years before the pandemic and mask wearing in the general public was probably around 5% to 10%, perhaps even less.

  35. I mean don't get me wrong, Tokyo is modernized and decently "high-tech" if you can consider good infrastructure planning and good mobile payment systems "high-tech." While I do talk shit about Japan a lot, the IC payment system here is phenomenal. I can use my transit card to pay for my ramen, then I can go buy my groceries all with the same transit card. That's pretty cool.

  36. The IC payment system in Japan was probably great 10-20 years ago but is pretty old fashioned and inconvenient by today's standards - here in London for example, all the same stuff (including using all public transport in the city) can be done simply by using any contactless Visa/Mastercard/American Express. You don't need to carry or load any separate IC card to do everything contactless.

  37. This leadership contest couldn't have turned out better, I think.

  38. Seems like wishful thinking to expect a general election next year. I doubt the Tories will be overtaking Labour in the polls unless something big and unforeseen happens. The Tories have a massive majority, there won't be any appetite to throw it away. More likely the next general election will be in late 2024, essentially as late as possible without having the campaign period over Christmas.

  39. I eat meat and like to eat tofu because it's cheap and nice lol

  40. Same here, the Chinese dish "Mapo Tofu" is delicious (usually contains a mixture of minced meat and tofu though!)

  41. I will be flying to japan on the 22nd of next month. Should I be exchanging £ to yen now is it better to do it closer to the time?

  42. Personally, I don't exchange in advance, I just withdraw cash from an ATM. The 7-11 ATMs used to be free, but I have read they now charge a fee. Withdraw in JPY and make sure to use a fee-free card like Starling or Halifax Clarity.

  43. Odds of Japan closing the borders again if cases increase significantly in the coming weeks?

  44. Nobody can say, but it's surely very unlikely. The Japanese government are well-aware that cases will continue to both increase and decrease significantly in the coming months and years. They are also aware that the border closure did little to help the situation (since it was never fully closed) and are likely not wanting to get into the awkward situation of wanting to open the border but finding it politically difficult again.

  45. I was alive in 1997, what was the polling then? I don’t remember anything like this.


  47. anyone know what happened in Oct. 2000 in that second graph?

  48. Pmsl, I had to google it to see if you were taking the piss :)

  49. Indeed, bukkake noodles are common in Japan. There's an udon restaurant in the UK that serves them, but they have changed the name to "BK" noodles on the menu, presumably because of the connotations of bukkake in the West.

  50. As a dude from the Philippines, maybe my standards for beer are unusually high or different? LOL

  51. As someone from the UK, I find standard Japanese beer to be uninteresting. Mostly just typical lagers, quite sweet without much taste. I've found some good independent/small breweries and brewpubs in Japan, but they are usually very expensive compared to the UK!

  52. They have a big majority and are polling terribly. They will probably call the next election at the latest opportunity unless polling changes drastically.

  53. Friend of mine got this one in the UK and had loads of issues. Felt so bad. After hearing her stories, I am always aimed to get Pfizer.

  54. Anecdotal obviously, but I had 2 AZ shots in the UK and was totally fine, no side effects at all. My Moderna booster just gave me a slightly sore arm for a few days.

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