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  1. I did a bit of searching and don't see any mention of this anywhere else. Is there a link to a 1st party source ?

  2. “Folks we just got a call from one of Chloe's friends who has credible evidence that Chloe is OK. We are very optimistic now that our worst fears are not coming true. Thank you for your help and support.” Her dad posted that recently.

  3. So, is this true? OP mentions “Still not found” below… is she ok or do we not know?

  4. I just reposted what her dad put on next door.

  5. here's my random list/take on this:

  6. Lord of the Flies was a response to a book called “the coral island” in which 3 shipwrecked boys (with the same names as key LOTF characters) live a happy life alone. It’s very much a Hobbs vs Locke allegory

  7. Amazon pharmacy is pretty convenient and cheap for genetics.

  8. The process of buying something “big” in Japan is ridiculous and preys on people’s politeness and inability to say no in “formal” situations like this.

  9. Anyone know if there’s a specific sub devoted to the situation in Iran ?

  10. Without documentation of ownership I would not buy.

  11. I have a bike. I have no documentation of ownership…this is a thing?!

  12. You have a receipt, photos of you riding it…anything?

  13. Steakhouse no 316 because it’s cozy and the service is good but not pretentious and the steaks are great.

  14. Same thing happened with the amazing race and the volume of the stupid VOD ads are like 5x the show.

  15. Probably forgot to TARE the scale

  16. By "SAP" what product are you referring to?

  17. Care to elaborate on the situation?

  18. Northbound on Folsom, coming down the steep hill from campus, plenty of momentum… Car in front of me takes a surprise right turn without signaling, cutting off the bike lane and I must have come within less than a foot of the bumper. Would have most certainly sustained serious injuries.

  19. That’s a one lane road so I’m not sure that your guidance really applies.

  20. When was the last time you thought about Rabbit in the Moon

  21. I thought about rabbit in the moon at the chemical brothers show in Denver last Friday :)

  22. There’s so much of this annoying inconsistency. Last night during CFB I was watiching recorded and when I went to skip ahead it took me backwards to the point that the recording hit 3 hours. If I tried to get back to where I was it just returned me again the 10:00 remaining in the game. I have to rewatch the to get back to where I wanted to be and I couldn’t skip anything. Such a silly issue. YouTube really needs to get their act together with this issue. It’s like death by paper cuts.

  23. This is so dystopian but makes me feel great at the same time. Keep resisting!

  24. Online payment “convenience fees”

  25. They were called airport cars, they were shuttles before shuttles were a thing

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