1. Please be careful as the mug may crack or chip when dropped or put under rapid temperature change.

  2. I think what OP might also be asking is that China has and could shut down the VPNs which should theoretically sever all ties to the outside world. So why haven't they?

  3. I can't comment about your situation with your husband in particular but to directly answer your first question: "Do people really stay home for 2 months with a newborn?"

  4. Going on 6 months since the new UI rolled out. I just did a chat with Mint support they confirmed there is still no update on this feature or if it will be brought back. They suggested requesting the feature using the Leave Feedback button in the top right after logging into your account.

  5. Stumbled across this post. I left feedback just as you said. I used to search notes quite a bit before the new UI update and now I can't.

  6. Yup, that's exactly what I have and why I gave another email instead of my main email.

  7. Popcorn actually happens at 0:56. Everything before that is stirring it with butter.

  8. StackOverflow recently did a poll that has some great insights!

  9. I love persimmons! If there's a bit of give when you press into it with your thumb, then it should be ready to eat. You'll want to chop off the leafy part, and use a knife to peel off the skin. If unpeeled, they can be stored at room temperature. Otherwise, if you peel them, store them in the fridge.

  10. You seem to have it solved already, but I'm curious...couldn't you just log out and then log back in with different credentials?

  11. No, because upon logging back in, the social media login credentials are already "saved" so it doesn't prompt you to enter different credentials. It just logs you in as that account. I initially tried to clear the cookies for but that didn't work either. I ended up having to clear the cookies for both and

  12. Why are the U.S. elections so hard to execute? Why are we even having people physically line up in 2022?

  13. Why wouldn’t it be safe? Do you not eat your food with silverware everyday?

  14. I'm pretty sure ours is just stainless steel not sterling silver. We're not that rich, haha. But I think I figured out that the rattle is indeed silver due to Googling the markings on the side so sounds like that should be safe...

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