1. I am only here for the cranberry sauce tbh. The rest can be packed up and leave with the people who brought it.

  2. Finally, someone who agrees with me! The other foods are all just there for me to put cranberries on.

  3. It’s so rude to say people hate on Victoria bc she’s hot and we’re all ugly losers who never get what we want.

  4. At first I read this as Miss J and I came into the comments to argue ANY Miss J slander! My heart shattered for a moment. Then my sleepy ass realized who we were talking about.

  5. I love Miss J but I have noticed on rewatches that he was not exempt from making ugly and offensive comments in panel. (He’s still way better than Mr. Jay, or Nigel for that matter)

  6. You’re more of a man than she could ever be?! I don’t think that’s setting the bar too high here.

  7. Yeah, I think it was surprising because Jess isn’t known as a beam gal but she really did nail that routine—her rhythm in particular was very strong and didn’t leave much room for deduction. On the dismount I think it helped that the awkward landing came from overrotation rather than underrotation, since that doesn’t come with as many deductions.

  8. This series has been cracking me up; they’ve had the women trying MAG too and the whole thing is just delightful!

  9. What have I missed?! Why is Michael a scammer?! ☕️ Team Sierra!

  10. Iirc he participated in the price gouging of PPE early in the pandemic. I also remember reading something about the charity he runs being sketchy and/or fake? The details are all fuzzy for me but if you search “Michael PPE” or “Michael charity” on this sub there should be more in-depth posts and threads about it!

  11. Making fun of Jed for having made a dog food jingle was silly—-despite my indifference to Jed himself, I actually think it’s cool and sort of endearing.

  12. I’m honestly not sure; it just sort of popped into my head. It could be indirectly related to all the classism and job shaming in bachelor nation discourse maybe?

  13. He Kexin’s iconic release combo, Yao Jinnan’s pirouettes, and the Produnova come to mind for me. I also have a massive soft spot for Jordyn Wieber’s floor routine; the music choice and choreography were just so good!!

  14. There are so many “if the genders were reversed people would be mad” comments about ency, and I mean yeah? If the genders were reversed, it would be a different scenario. Like, there are power dynamics and historical/societal context that makes that situation different. The main difference here being that if the roles were swapped, she would be physically threatened. (Edit: I know Andrew was put in a very unfair position, but there’s a still a difference there).

  15. Also…people are mad? She’s definitely getting dragged already, no ~role reversal~ required

  16. Overrated: Ellie Black. I like her well enough but I don’t think she’s nearly as good as folks want her to be despite her VERY impressive longevity

  17. I like Ellie a lot but she has form issues thst people seem to overlook just because she’s a fan favorite.

  18. I think for me the most overrated is Riley McCusker—she’s talented, and I want her to be well and happy after all the stuff that’s happened to her, but I just don’t love her gymnastics, particularly on floor. I also was never too big on Tatiana Nabieva.

  19. I think aly raisman was much better in her come back. In particular her amanar was defenatly better. Also angelina improve

  20. Agreed on Aly’s amanar; every time I rewatch a comp from her early elite years I’m surprised by how rough it was.

  21. “You’re the Whaboom! clown; I’m the nice gentleman…Funny is not Whaboom! Whaboom! is like wakka wakka pie in the face, wakka wakka fart joke.”

  22. Ugh, what an icon! I feel like neither he nor Whaboom would have been that funny on their own, but together they were top tier tv

  23. I think I’m with you; Cersei doesn’t really have redeeming qualities exactly, but for some reason considering her to Victarion makes her seem less repulsive to me.

  24. I like tigers more than lions and think they're the cooler big cat

  25. Tigers are great, although I think my favorite big cat would have to be either a lynx or a snow leopard. I also love bobcats, sand cats, and fishing cats, but they're not particularly big, just wild.

  26. Is it a UO to barely be willing to call a Lynx a big cat?

  27. You might be right tbh; lynxes can be pretty small, especially the Canadian ones. The Eurasian ones might qualify as medium cats? They're bigger than housecats but still pretty little compared to a tiger or lion.

  28. I was pretty pleased with Wei Xiaoyuan/Shilese Jones/Nina Derwael on bars, even if I was disappointed that Luo Rui underperformed. The MAG AA podium was also a stellar collection of gymnasts.

  29. The US were just doing Rebe a favour. They knew she needed an EF medal.

  30. Haha it was a bronze for Jade either way; now Rebeca just gets a bronze too! So generous of Brian

  31. Srs, this was a really sweet moment, especially since WXY has said that Nina is her “uneven bars idol.”

  32. I don't think it's bad at all relative to like, top AA gymnasts. But for winning bars finals last quad she had some skills that would get credited that were questionable. I think the biggest issues were her form on her named skill and her Nabieva

  33. Yeah, I get the complaints about the tkatchev half; I just think her feet are not that bad compared to how people talk about them.

  34. Ok but where’s a gif of that one gymnast who laid flat on the floor with a jacket covering his entire top half in between high bar routines and who was it?

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