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  1. obog says:

    Ask the price for every item that even barely catches your eye. Maybe wasting their time will get their attention.

  2. I heard Britain had better Healthcare than America but God damn that is some impressive response time

  3. Least horny bonelab player

  4. It seems familiar... but I can't quite remember...

  5. I know for a fact it was in the heroica sets

  6. obog says:

    I know in Japan specifically they have really tight health regulations around raw fish and eggs because they eat them so much, so it's perfectly safe there. In America it kinda depends on the restaurant tho

  7. You know a piece of media is good when even the most prolific haters can’t come up with any decent arguments against it.

  8. obog says:

    Yeah the biggest criticism I heard before this was people complaining about the space AKs. Which I still think is a dumb argument but if the most common criticism you get it about a prop I think that means you did a pretty good job lol

  9. No thank you. I’ll just go the other way.

  10. Where exactly do you think the thing you're running from is?

  11. The Brazilian passport is one of the most valuable bcuz everyone looks Brazilian. Do you look Indian? You can be a Brazilian. Black? Brazilian. White? Brazilian. Asian? Brazilian. Maybe you are orange? Brazilian.

  12. Cool and all but good luck dying my medium long straight hair to look like this

  13. If you make my hair short enough that this would work I would just look bald

  14. Thats actually a pretty cool idea

  15. Opensource d20 based system from 2013.

  16. What exactly does it mean for an rpg to be open-source? Just that it's free? Seems like a term that is kinda inapplicable to TTRPGs

  17. in this context it generally means anyone can write and sell (important part) products based on their rule set/IP.

  18. Ah, that makes sense.

  19. This is a bit morbid, but would it be possible to get a DNA sample from an aborted fetus and use that to prove guilt for a rapist? If so, would completely invalidate this argument. I mean, it's a shitty argument already, but that would make it impossible to argue at all.

  20. It’s possible, and I’m pretty sure it’s standard practice to do that right now.

  21. Well there you go, easy enough to completely shut down this argument.

  22. "A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game will sell 10 million copies in 3 days"

  23. Boneworks has better campaign, bonelab has better sandbox.

  24. I don't think that's road legal

  25. Besides electric fields, they are still useful for distortion anomalies to tell the exact size, which varies.

  26. How exactly does one interpret that see invisibility doesn't negate invisibility? It says you can see invisible objects/creatures as if they were visible. Seems pretty clear to me.

  27. I think your little brother is planning on invading a foreign country

  28. I run mine at 65-60 degrees, and true, I have the same problem. For power supplies check out this, "

  29. I assume voltage should stay the same? Or does it not matter? So 12V at 10A would be what I want for a 120W power supply.

  30. Yes, the voltage should stay the same, only you will increase Amps only. V*A=W, 12*10=120W. Yes, 12V at 10A will be 120W as I said in my calculations. This is what you need, make sure, when you buy a power supply there should be no more than 12v and 10A or you may burn your controller board.

  31. Went ahead and ordered the first one on that wiki page, thanks for the help!

  32. Is renting cloud GPUs the only way to run this stuff? How long would it take if I ran it on my own GPU? I've got a 3070 myself so pretty powerful, but I know the processing times on this AI stuff can be pretty insane so idk.

  33. I was thinking maybe the FOV camera could be restricted from being able to face the antimeme, or maybe have them be invisible to the player until they take enough Mnestics. If the player overdoses on Mnestics, they perceive 3125, his hallucinated image covers most of the screen, and you have to quickly find amnestics before his giant spider construct kills you.

  34. You know that weird ghosting effect when you go out of bounds in source games? I think it'd be cool if it used that. Like if you look at scp-055 it's just got that weird ghosting effect so you can't actually tell what it is.

  35. Because who needs aerodynamics anyway

  36. Clean it up and go to the vet for sure, this looks like a pretty nasty scratch. Could be infected.

  37. ...why can't they just have a windshield?

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