1. It took me an hour solo since last week tuesday but before it happened i only find match for less than 30seconds, some were complaining that day but others were not informed about the issue so it didnt went straight to the devs and didnt become aware of it so yeah.. i feel that plat tier probably has faster queue in solo since everyone will reach that tier anyways, but whatz for sure in gold tier cuz we tested this is if u queue trio its faster But u will match to other server which is bad

  2. I hate this part, it happened last week, but u can do trio prob is ur getting matched with high ping

  3. Same thing alot of us experienced this but ive checked my other friends their matchmaking works fine i thought it was only me

  4. I’ve also finally been able to play a couple of matches last night. Must’ve been their servers, I guess.

  5. Same but still it took me for an hour as solo, we tried it on trio its fast, less 30 sec it matches same to solo before it got bugged.. prob on trio ull get matched to other servers ull experience 100-170ping, unlike solo

  6. It depends on ur hero trophies, u wont play against bots if ur 500 troph above OR in advanced mode, so for example ur Ossas is 512 troph in that level ull be facing people every match, same like codm if u reached legendary tier in MP but if ur below 500 ull be facing bots.. well most of the time, so In this case F2P grabs the chance to increase their troph and get rewards in the hall of fame more faster and easier, we prior of leveling to max 1 hero at a time. So having many heroes with below 500 trophies is a huge help to upgrade ur fav hero

  7. Dude! With all those nerfs ur killing the game, all realm royale players knows how the nerfs ended with the old RR it turned out garbage, now that we have realm royale reforge we definitely love the changes

  8. Is this legit? Well, im hoping this will reach the devs, i hope in the future that all essences from other gears(e.g, shoulders, chests, etc) will have duplicate essences in this category from the other. Like theres same essence from shoulder and head but i mean is all gears will have the duplicate essences so that we would have many combinations. As a barb main i would like to have my 2summons (the remembered (offhand) + Davin's Legacy (chest)) and Broken soul (offhand) combined, but i cant cuz theyre both offhand, would be happy if the remembered essence have the same essence on the pants part since theres no useful essence on the pants that could benefit the skills that ive equipped, same goes with The hungerer and shredder vane on Demon Hunter when i change class before cuz i want the pierce on crossbow shot combined with the chakram. In short i have limited choice to what and which to equip.

  9. i dont get it, u deal 5k plus additional 1k from lunatic so whats wrong

  10. Im sorry if my post is confusing but to make it clear, I only deal 1k dmg per attack instead of 5k when i reach full stacks, and instead of 2 dmg at the same time i only get 1 dmg and that is the 1k but it supposed to be 5k + 1k when at full stacks, so where did my 5k dmg per atk go? 😭

  11. Are you lower in CR than the mobs you attack?

  12. Hello where and how to increase my Critical chance on the stat list? Is there anything i can do to increase like gems or something?

  13. In terms of dmg and fast kill against a single Foe whose better xiao or itto? Both C0

  14. Wanna ask if ganyus Crit pops on enemies weak spots when doing charge atk or it will always deals crit dmg everytime even NOT at the weak spot?

  15. Hey! Well example i either lose or won my 50/50 on Baals banner but i still keep on pulling then how many pulls could i reach to get a guaranteed 5star on same banner? Was it still 90pulls or within 90pulls or its by chances like theres no specific number of pulls to get a guaranteed 5star anymore like its by chances? My friend got diluc on baals banner but still willing to get Baal but what i understand is within 90pulls or 90pulls he can still get a 5star but NOT guaranteed raiden am i right or wrong?

  16. How many % does physical RES decrease when dealing superconduct?

  17. Is the Fishing system last forever or it will end in a specific date and time?

  18. Hey! I wanna ask something what if i lose my 50/50 and i got qiqi on yoimiyas banner then i keep on pulling and pulling even i broke my 50/50 then i got got yoimiya so is she my luck?..... well what i understand about pity system is after i lose my 50/50 what comes after are all luck right? cuz i broke my 50/50 becuz of qiqi. But what if i still i keep on pulling and pulling until later on i got yoimiya, will my pity resets after i got her even shes not part of the 50/50 anymore? I mean like after i got yoimiya then baal is my guaranteed next? Or it will reset to 50/50 again? What i understand everytime u get the promotional banner ur pity resets everytime right? So my question is, was yoimiya my luck? Or shes my 50/50? Or there is no 50/50 after getting a promotional banner its all luck?

  19. Hello guys i am super excited now but i have a question. I convince one of my friend to play genshin and now he bought a pc but this is his specs and he saw that the Ram is below recommended but if ever u guys have 8gb ram tell me if its working fine on a low graphics and low settings

  20. Yo! my first 50/50 lose was qiqi from kazuhas banner then i got Ayaka as guaranteed so my pity resets right but after i got ayaka i pulled 20x more and got diluc so that was just luck right? Cuz what i understand 50/50 only happens once per new banner and once u broke it all that follows were all luck on the same banner right? Well i got confuse a little i got Ayaka as guaranteed and got diluc after 20x pull - So im asking if it is still 50/50 on my yoimiyas banner or a guaranteed one? Cuz imma plan of Baal and i dont know if theres still a 50/50 after getting a guaranteed on same banner, cuz if there is then yoimiya on her banner is guaranteed one?

  21. What do we call the floating skills around a character like burst of xingqui, kaeya and E of barbara is there any name or term for it example like fishls or xianglings E we call them summon like in Dota we say Sandkings Ult does channeling like that haha xD

  22. Yo! Wanna ask this cuz i need to know if im correct well... they say Noelles sheild absorption scales on her defense right? but if u switch to other characters the HIT POINTS taken/ damage receive from enemies varies on the active character defense right? as what other people says. So my question is does this thing goes the same for diona too or even zhongli? Cuz imma pull for diona nxt banner and ive read that her sheild absorption is based on her HP, wanna know if ever i switch to other characters the HIT points/ damage taken would depends on how many HPs my active character has like noelle or its completely a different version

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