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  1. I tried to fix it for you in post to save you the embarrassment. If you can't afford the purple wrap, DM me and I'll send you some for free.

  2. Scope chaps need to discontinue all non-purple options for ZCO.

  3. I run a spuhr on my ZCO527 because I run a lot of accessories that fits their mounts. If you don't then would look into different mounts.

  4. I picked up another ACC just in case I want to do another build down the road. Looks like they actually got the descriptions right this year so no $400 full chassis.

  5. Based on the markings I would have to say it was made in present day Turkey.

  6. Galt is fucked. Took me 2+ years on the waitlist for the NR rifle section. Finally made it in and learned that there's BS rapid fire rules, probation shoots, very tight angle of fire for bays and general fuddery.

  7. Still realistic enough to cause a stampede in a packed stadium if he wanted to.

  8. Valmet prices after C-21 📈📈📈

  9. The wording has always been like that, Valmets are still gtg

  10. Send it and report back to us afterwards if you physically can

  11. I've shot 400 yards at a few matches. There's a King of .22 Miles which shot out to 700 yards.

  12. Rolled Dracoblade Akine with the 5 roll bundle so I'm happy. Shiva dragon gem farm just got a bit faster.

  13. What Dracoblade team do you use to farm?

  14. Dracoblade Akine + 3 Shiva dragons (1 DDC, 2 voids)

  15. Agreed for the fudd part, however I'm convinced that there are hidden gems. Check out the sandhill shooting club near sherbrooke, they do have steel target and they are a blast to shoot !

  16. If you want to get better you should be shooting paper not steel.

  17. I’m available on discord to walk anyone through and watch your stream with this team. Replacements: Decker can replace Valeriya, but you’ll run into being board-blinded around floor 7, if I remember. If the extra move time doesn’t matter to you, you can replace the mille equip with odin and swap maybe ultra badge with another two-turn haste that has the last blind resist. You can swap albrecht if you don’t have planar, but it means a rougher floor 1 until transform.

  18. Would the new R/B Chakeol work as a better replacement than Decker? Easier to activate LS + blind res but will I miss the 2CD orb gen?

  19. Cant you replace seawolfs with shiva tiara

  20. You'll lose a row but can probably just combo more to make up for it. Try it out, let me know.

  21. If you want to test your luck you can sub taro for any HP/RCV equip. Just hope for the best on F10 that you don't get skill delayed.

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