1. The phrase is missing since at least 2018, I did a quick research and watched some videos of his advertisement, his voice is not what I remember either and his face and body has changed too.

  2. WTF. I am actually creeped tf out and got chills when I went to YouTube and watched the "original" Billy Mays commercial and holy fuck you're right. That is NOT Billy Mays. He looks and sounds like a mediocre parody. I don't like this

  3. My grandmother worked for Kimberly Clark when she was a young lady. I have always been aware of this company

  4. I'm a huge Stones fan, always loved Ronnie in particular, he has never been dead in my reality

  5. I'm a professional dog groomer, just a heads up be prepared to spend $90 - $120 every 4-6 weeks. I'm sure you already know this, but socialize the heck outta that puppy. I've met wild basket-case doodles and chill laid-back doodles, and just about every type in between. They are cute yes but remember that they aren't a real breed, don't let yourself spend $4,000 on a mutt 😅

  6. I had/read this classic chapter book when I was in elementary school. Have never heard of a live auction film or cartoon version in my life. I'm 30.

  7. No it really was a slow moving long light in the sky then it just disappeared

  8. Never been an OF for me and it's been my favorite store since I was a wee lasss

  9. I too have been expiriencing an influx of this over the past few's trippy

  10. It's been Cap'n Crunch for as long as I can remember in my almost 30 year existence. Imo it isn't a Mandela effect when a store's label is spelled a little more rigidly than the actual brand name lol, it's just laziness on the stores part

  11. I had chicken pox as a baby then when I was like 8 I got shingles. I am 30, for reference.

  12. The tooth directly behind my bottom canine is very close to being the same length/shape as my canine. Sorta feels like a double canine. Can't remember for sure how it used to feel before but it doesn't feel familiar.

  13. I hadn't ever heard a single thing about the ozone repairing itself. In my reality the ozone was ALWAYS irreversible in terms of damage.

  14. Lmao, I had a bout of exactly that roughly 2-3 weeks ago. It was awwwwfuuuul. Felt like I was pumped full of gross sulfuric air, it lasted for a week.

  15. I live about 10 minutes away from where this happened. I was absolutely obsessed with this case a d the details. He's always been Chinese for me. A Chinese immigrant with a Chinese wife living elsewhere in Canada while he went out on his delusional "bus trip" under the guise of looking for work.

  16. Always had an original theme song for me too. I watched that show every day after school lol

  17. I was 18 and addicted to Benzo's for a few years around then so there's not many details I remember

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