1. Pfffft... anyone even half serious about concealed carry would hire a

  2. Yeah, but that's just like, Jay's opinion, man. /s

  3. Fun fact. Nasa actually uses sionyx sensor. Not so much drone cams.

  4. Not the sensor you get in an Aurora though.

  5. How you gonna prepare for them terries and draxx them sklaunst?

  6. I got a question feel free to say no can we switch seats I will not take no for an answer

  7. I don’t know why I read this as “Home Depot Defense”

  8. Denzel Washington has entered the chat

  9. Is that what you want to call using your own language? Or is it the part where you're avoiding the point?

  10. I'm still waiting on a response from you. Until next time I guess.

  11. Don't tease us like that, we need more details

  12. https://www.sitkaarrowhead.com/

  13. How many P365s you got with an ACRO on them, out of curiosity?

  14. 4 of these will be moose territory. Moose are stupid fucking stubborn unless head shotted.

  15. Pretty sure they can't stubborn the blood out of their lungs.

  16. That's blue label pricing on a new glock, hard to get that lucky twice

  17. Way below blue label on a G40 MOS

  18. Clearing room for the T3. If it's going on an AR I'd wait + pay the extra, personally.

  19. I have one, it’s a laser accurate SPR barrel. Mine was getting ~0.6 MOA with Frontier 75gr, and I’m not that great of a shot.

  20. I'm not sure what you're doing to your intestines with any barrel but you should probably get checked out if you're wearing barrels out with whatever it is. ;)

  21. At a previous employer we had a few people go from BA to PM for the pay bump, and usually the higher stress others have pointed to did a number on them.

  22. The last paragraph is very important to pay attention to. Tech folks disrespect PMs in many organizations. So a PM has to influence and get things done using people who disrespect them. Go figure!

  23. That too, but I also mean that when technical people get into those positions they sometimes or often don't develop the non-technical skills needed, and fall short.

  24. Have you specifically called Blue Label dealers? Glocks BL page has a searchable dealer locator. Not every Glock stocking dealer is authorized to sell BL. The number of BL dealers in a certain area is limited by Glock.

  25. So this gets at something that I hadn't found a clear answer to. If they're a blue label dealer, then it's the same basic arrangement? I know at least one I called it s a Blue Label dealer but they weren't familiar with GSSF.

  26. There it is, thanks so much! I thought I remembered seeing something like that but I couldn't find it so that's perfect.

  27. Night sights-impractical and stupid, Lasers-also impractical and stupid. Boom, trust the science.

  28. Lol right. Good one. Really makes me want to believe you spend time in the dark with guns.

  29. You did, and we're all a bit dumber for it.

  30. I said you probably shouldn't shoot this through your omega with the 30 cal cap on it, or through a 300 blackout gun.

  31. How the fuxk would I run 9mm through my 300blk homie. I don't even have smaller end caps.

  32. You shouldn't. That's what I said.

  33. Given OP’s comment about this being the Sport II on roids, I’m gonna assume the T stands for testosterone.

  34. Mine's 5317717, weird permutations happening here, doesn't seem sequential, but does seem related

  35. What does that even mean in this context.

  36. Been in financial services for 6 or 7 years now, have been through the SBA process and know quite a few SBA lenders. Not personally involved in it in the sense that I can't get you a loan though.

  37. I think what you’re describing is “the flinch”. A rifle doesn’t physically jump until the bullet is out of the barrel. But some shooters develop a flinch or anticipation of the recoil that spoils the shot.

  38. https://youtu.be/YMH-X_ooKT8

  39. That's recoil. It doesn't affect the shot. The gun doesn't jump until the bullet has left the barrel

  40. https://youtu.be/YMH-X_ooKT8

  41. Check out the series BlackOvis has been doing on this stuff.

  42. Yankee Marshall is a clickbait troll trying and failing to remain (be?) relevant.

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