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  1. You really don’t need to worry about bears in that area. Only smaller black bears out there. It’s the mountain lions… Oregon black bears are very skittish and run from literally anything. We don’t have brown or grizzlies.

  2. Are you talking about housing values or livability?

  3. Live in Portland, too. It’s crazy how quickly it’s turned. All of the things you listed are true. Also, our public transportation isn’t awesome. General infrastructure like public transportation, terrible public schools, rising energy costs, and road maintenance are in need of major overhaul. But we’ve handcuffed ourselves by the city budget. I honestly think Portland has to be top three on the list here, given that it was a destination city just before the pandemic, and now it’s falling apart. In just under two years. Tough to argue with Phoenix topping the list tho.

  4. It’s really not that bad. I think it’s be easy to stereotype both, given the media coverage of Portland and the Deep South, respectively. In terms of political leaning, basically don’t be a dick, and 90% of the people will absolutely try to hear you out.

  5. I have the same rims on mine. I got the Falken ATs. Can’t remember the exact number, but I love them.

  6. Same. At this point… it won’t really jump my earnings into the “taxable” range… but it’s great to keep in mind. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. I know that “parabolic” is a term that gets tossed around a lot, and I’m def not one of the hype kids… but… this project ticks a lot of the boxes that the hype kids would be keeping a look out for. Early entry point, room to drop zeroes, a slight amount of buzz. So I do think it’s possible for this to really gain momentum when marketing gets going. Fomo is a strange and unruly beast. It’ll be tough but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that we get within touching distance of where shib is now, in the next 12-18 months. Few of us here are the get rich quick types, but we definitely need them on board to see this take off quicker than two years.

  8. perfect i agree completely however we wont be getting near SHIB thats just ridiculous but even dropping 3-4 zeros is very very very good..

  9. Damnit. Not sure how much help I'm gonna be, didn't use uniswap but I did use CB wallet. The key for me was to make sure I picked ETH to convert from, pick RBIF to convert to, and then the cash amount.

  10. That worked! I restarted the app, and did what you said. Worked like a charm and now I’m officially in the 500B club

  11. Ha. Thanks bud. I’ve been an investor for awhile now. Just added to the bag.

  12. Go into the browser on the Coinbase Wallet app and go to; Add it to your bookmarks so it’s there every time you go into the browser. From there you can swap your RBIF for ETH. Make sure to set your slippage to 15%. This should do the trick.

  13. We can just thank them for the reflections and hodl for the prize!

  14. I think my reflections stopped showing up in my account. Has that happened to anyone else? Hasn’t gone up in four days.

  15. I’ll echo everyone about needing ETH to cover gas fees. On uniswap, there’ll be an icon that shows gas price at that moment, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the total fees. All pretty typical tho.

  16. Not if you buy at the right time.

  17. I e had really good luck using uniswap. But still… I don’t think we see an explosion of holders until Coinbase or a larger exchange offers it. I’m happy with the gradual influx tho. Gives us more time to buy more…

  18. Hey, everything you did was right, just because of if you use safari or google chrome, it’s defaults to MetaMask, so you have to go to your Coinbase wallet and from the you connect with our dashboard

  19. If you don’t see RBIF in your wallet yet, you have to import the tokens and add to your wallet, then it will show you how much are you holding! With Coinbase wallet you can connect your wallet with our dashboard to track your reflections, just log in your wallet and connect to our dashboard from there

  20. I deleted the other chats that tried to message me after I saw my money disappearing. Only kept fucktard

  21. I also got a couple dms telling me to use their shady sites.

  22. Nice! I live in Portland. My wife is from Vashon.

  23. Regarding the above questions and f/up below, things were addressed. AMAs videos were recorded on those telegram calls. Let me see whether we could post on youtube or you have to go to telegram and check them out. We do VC every two days once. We have been explaining the concept and features

  24. Sounds great! I think if there’s a way to get those telegram videos onto YouTube, it would go a long way in educating prospective buyers. With as much energy that’s starting to swirl, you wouldn’t even necessarily need to put any ad spend against it. People will be organically searching! Thanks for your response!

  25. These are absolutely valid inquiries, statesidered. We, as holders, need to be asking difficult questions in order for this project to succeed. It keeps everyone accountable.

  26. Man. I love this post. Thanks so much! I decided when I bought in, that I would be more involved in the community, asking questions, and taking my role as a holder more actively. I only ask those questions to get responses like yours, so momentum continues and we all feel like we are building something.

  27. Nothing wrong that I can see with holding in 2 separate wallets. I say just let it be, but just out of curiosity, what are your concerns if any?

  28. Not OP, but same question. I’m not receiving the dividends, as I can’t seem to connect my coinbase wallet. It’s only allowing me to connect to MetaMask, which I have, but… am only holding in Coinbase.

  29. Yes, when I see a plane fly over, I always see the pilot and co-pilot.

  30. But their windows would be so much more advanced than ours!

  31. Agreed........I diversified some of my funds over into another play that wasn't running any Bots.

  32. Interesting name… ooh 56ft is big! Moving on… created in day fi…………… god dammit. All other swimming creatures…. Oh god dammit…

  33. I’m in a very similar situation. Digital marketing specialist, then digital brand manager, then moved into a project manager role in digital marketing. I’ve been trying to make a big pivot into talent development, but shaking the marketing tag is tough. Good luck!

  34. I heard this is where the comments were happening.

  35. While you’re not wrong, we’ll need further comments to confirm.

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