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  1. Now that's what I call leinstertainment

  2. Luke mcgrath and Ross Byrne, half back pairing from hell

  3. Should be a connacht pen there, clearly bit supporting his weight

  4. Don't think that was clearly forward at all tbh

  5. The passes in behind aren't fooling the bulls at all, screen runners dont look like real options at all so it's very easy to read.

  6. Is accidentally head clash not a thing anymore? Genuinely curious

  7. Not really accidental if he tries to tackle standing at full Height

  8. London Irish have a rapist at 10 and Saracens are just unlikeable for a number of reasons. So obviously Quins

  9. NZ TMO trying everything in his power. Ridiculous that we can't have neutrals. Yeah, this one is correct probably, but so many sketchy calls. Interfering way too much.

  10. Give over will you, how on earth is that not a pen try?

  11. Hopefully Jenkins will provide the bulk leinster have been missing the last couple of seasons, looking good so far.

  12. Leinster have been missing something the last couple seasons?

  13. Can walk the league with their second team but can't live with the physicality of French, English and now SA teams.

  14. That's a Hamel gun (L118), the Australian made version of the L119.

  15. L118 uses two piece ammunition and has a longer barrel,

  16. Was it not his son and stepson in the boat making a music video to promote their new company, prestige worldwide?

  17. There's already an extra fee for clean up in the ticket price

  18. Big difference between actual camping on public land and paying a lot of money to attend a music festival on private land where they have teams of cleaners. Festival republic will have that place wiped clean in a couple of days.

  19. Sure isn't there already a surcharge on every tickets that's specifically for the clean up afterwards?

  20. Nigel Owens thought it was illegal. Do you know better than him?

  21. Referee, TMO and citing committee thought it was legal, do you know better than them?

  22. A competing appeal to authority, how droll. Did you read Owens’ article? I’d be interested to hear what exactly you disagree with him on. I thought his assessment was spot on, and would love to read a similar one by the ref or TMO of the day.

  23. Get fucked mate, so you're saying nigel never made a wrong decision in his entire career? It was a perfectly fine tackle. You saffas are really proving yourselves to be the worse fans in world rugby

  24. Definitely use smaller studs, most astros won't let you wear blades either.

  25. The way south Africans are going on at the moment is pathethic, they can't accept any loss without blaming it on the referee.

  26. Going forward there should be one or two DF MPs to prevent gobshites like this actually going up onto the ship.

  27. I feel like you just shitpost in all blacks threads these days.

  28. Hard to feel bad for a team that welcomes woman beaters

  29. You’re right, they all can’t be Irish heroes like Davy Tweed.

  30. Davy tweed is a scumbag and I hope he's in hell.

  31. What do you do with all the toxic waste from the sub though?

  32. Dump it all in Longford, hopefully it'll mutate them back to human.

  33. Is there any consistency for how long advantages are supposed to last?

  34. They made at least 10 metres there to be fair

  35. Aye it was only watched by millions on tv so maybe no one else saw it

  36. Sure as long as you get some karma on reddit 👍

  37. Bad form sticking it up here, he's going to be getting enough stick for it everywhere else.

  38. You inferred it through the surnames comment, you know what you meant.

  39. Was there many catholics in the UDA/UVF?

  40. The UVF/UDA had a different agenda, they were part of the oppression, everyone was a target.

  41. It wasn't all about religion obviously but religion had a huge amount to do with it. They weren't civil rights marches to get the brits out of the North.

  42. It should be the original flag, the one that’s a harp with her boobs out.

  43. That could easily end up being the United Ireland flag

  44. Yes, and within those countries you have different areas that speak different languages, so it goes further than just each European country speaking a different language. I was supporting and expanding on your point.

  45. Please tell me you're not including Ireland in the UK.

  46. You favour the ethnic cleansing of an indigenous people, apartheid and fabricated reasons for mass murder of kids & innocents? Democratically voting to kill children does not make it okay. What kind of logic is that?

  47. Hamas are doing their best to ensure mass murder of civilians and innocents. How many rockets has the iron dome intercepted in the last year?

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