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  1. Love that he stayed down after the catch and didn't even try to get up. What a heady play from a guy who has only played a couple of snaps.

  2. I never had issues with onions after I switched to contact lenses.

  3. this is the main reason I don't want to get lasik

  4. Jewish deli is a common moniker for restaurants like Katz's - regardless of if they are kosher - you're just wrong.

  5. Thank you, I just downloaded the app - I’ve wished for something like this for a long time, really appreciate your work to make it happen! Do you have any recommendations for November 7 by chance? I’ll check the app/site closer to the date but right now there’s only one show listed.

  6. There’s a few shows in advance but it’s mostly updated every Sunday for the upcoming week. So check back then!

  7. Yes there are. DM me your location and I can link you up with some.

  8. yeah just DM me on the popflash discord

  9. this is a great fucking play, Lopez looking really good on both ends

  10. Some explain to me Paul Reed what’s does he do ? I haven’t seen him play but I see everyone talk about how good he is

  11. his hands are magnets and they always find the ball

  12. This is a really good video showcasing his offensive improvement and things to work on. I'm not sure I've seen an analysis of his play so succinctly paired with high quality video clips. Worth a watch for sure.

  13. i've semantic satiated the word three, save me

  14. No. Just...No. It makes no sense to use async/await with .then syntax. Stick to one or the other.

  15. What an arbitrary rule. Of course you can use both

  16. The sixers guards and wings will learn how to throw an entry pass into the post

  17. upvoting because this is a hot take

  18. Yes that’s a game winner but it’s not a buzzer beater shot

  19. thank you for explaining that to me

  20. Memo to BLUEJAYS FRONT OFFICE: “I Quit”

  21. Why use an effect, can you derive the state without an effect?

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