1. The Badgers hired Luke Fickell and the Bucks are rolling with Khris Middleton returning soon

  2. I’m starting to love Russ because he triggers people so much. He knows what he’s doing.

  3. Something needs to change with our special teams. This can’t happen every kick off.

  4. Quinn, Cox, Graham, Hargrave, Sweat, Joseph, Suh, Barnett (injured), Davis (injured).

  5. I never felt any kind of connection or hesitance to trade the likes of Simmonds, Voracek, Ghost, Schenn. We never won a damn thing with them. It was an awful era of hockey

  6. The new 76ers arena is a good idea and I’m sick of the fear mongering and hatred of any progress in this city.

  7. What was the point of adding the Australian girl so late in the season? I felt zero connection to her compared to the other girls and they were acting like she was a main character

  8. how long do edibles last? stumbled upon a big stash i totally forgot about from at least a year ago

  9. The Titans irrationally piss me off. Playoff team every year. Vrabel gets everything out of that roster and they go with fucking Ryan tannehill.

  10. I genuinely don’t understand how they went into the season thinking that Britain Covey would be acceptable as a return man. Baffling

  11. Joel Embiid. He’s already a monster but prior to his injuries he was skinny and quick as hell

  12. Has to be an awkward thanksgiving for Sean mcvays parents considering his lifestyle.

  13. Why does the NFL feel the need to make determining a catch like rocket science.

  14. I always forget Paul ONeil played for years with the Reds and won a WS there too

  15. At an NHL board meeting in the 1970s, Snider asked the Capitals president why many were voting against their own team's interests. He told Snider to understand by reading Atlas Shrugged.

  16. I can’t believe people are buying into Brittany basically ghosting Tyler because she “needed space”.

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