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  1. The language choice isn’t really something I see on souvenirs, but I will give you that it IS a possibility that it’s an old souvenir that… did not age well lol.

  2. No pal, they are being paid to put it in your car. Mission accomplished.

  3. My stepfather was the same. A terrible human being.

  4. When I was 6, I would often badger my parents for a puppy. Oh how I made a scene. It must have worked, because that Christmas, I got a puppy. It was a beagle mix from the pound, but I loved him. Rover I called him. Well, my dad still wasn't happy about having a dog in the house, and truth be told I was a little negligent in house training the pup.

  5. I know I’m just a stranger on the internet, but I’m so sorry he did that to you 💔

  6. Not like anyone would just put a package there for internet points; also whose fucking trash can is all loose trash in no bag?

  7. In a recycling can it’s loose. Judging from the recyclable items, I’d say it’s a safe bet it’s a recycling can.

  8. In general, please don't follow these two on workplace behavior. No, you can't kiss or punch your boss. No, you can't touch your coworkers. No, you can't say your coworker could be considered hot. Etc.

  9. Yeah I think if you say it’s remotely plausible it’s fine /s

  10. Damn, this makes total sense. And I was so convinced it was an implication of Mulder’s bisexuality….

  11. Also a serious cheapskate. Notice how much he tips--or, rather, doesn't tip--servers, bartenders, and delivery people throughout the show.

  12. In my top 5. I love the “honey baked ham” joke Mulder makes when they’re stacking bodies.

  13. I’m so glad you asked this question, OP. I’ve been wondering about it for awhile lol

  14. Have I seen this on an episode of full house? Maybe the one where they go to the country and uncle Jessy tries to date the horse trainer lady. Joey gets kicked by a mule doing moose impressions, and Danny teaches the kids about the miracles of life as they all watch a foal born in the barn. Meanwhile, DJ and Kimmi try to check out the younger cowboys and their roping skills but realize the pies in the field are not as tasty as the ones in the kitchen as they trip and land face first in disaster trying to run from the bull in the field. Luckily even he couldn't stand the smell worst than Michelle's diaper. Of course, there was lovely stephanie in her cute horse shirt at least once.

  15. Mulder, this is a spot-on description of Full House. If I didn’t know better, I’d have believed it was an actual episode.

  16. Scully, you were there. Didn't you remember it also? I saw you in the background with Harry Takayama.

  17. Mulder, can you just, for once, just for the novelty of it, come up with the simplest explanation? The most logical one, instead of automatically jumping to transcendentalism?

  18. I forgot about these! I was joining daily there for awhile. Always a nice treat to have that in the background of my busy days.

  19. I am new to this subreddit, is x files themed Halloween customs common to post here around Halloween ?

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