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  1. That's awesome. I'm wanting to build a semi auto version of this.

  2. They shoot so slow, there’s really no need to have a FA one, you can pull the trigger almost as fast. The MkII(s) was supposed only to be fired semi anyway.

  3. How do you feel about the old school suppressor vs more modern designs?

  4. What does this bill actually do? Seems like giving more and more power to agencies without any type of representation is a problem.

  5. Wahoo! I can't wait. Getting rear ended is my second greatest fear while I'm riding.

  6. I really like .243. Like most have already said, most factory rifles aren't really optimized for longer bullets.

  7. I've bought two Abree folding antennas, and both have been crappy. I'm not sure if they are just Amazon knock offs or what?

  8. I think the eotech reticle is superior, but the aim point is superior for battery life and ruggedness.

  9. Supposedly. I've never seen it, but I'm also not in combat with my rifle.

  10. Lol, your water pump pulley looks like it's trying to exit the conversation

  11. Unpopular opinion: not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed against the 'Wahoo!' girls

  12. Patina from use is better than a forced patina.... fight me

  13. Looks like being cut for Wyatt mags is only available on the high end receiver models.

  14. I wonder if they under estimated the candidates performance, or are fudging the numbers to make it look like one side is going to do better to dissuade the opponents from voting?

  15. I wonder if you can absorb lead through your feet like you can the rest of your skin?

  16. Yeah that extra 2.0 Oz foregrip is going to be absolutely unbearable if you have a bipod /s

  17. I know /s and all that, but that's my advice.

  18. The key difference in whether you actually believe in freedom or just like to talk about it.

  19. Is Citizen anything like Next door? If your follow next door, you'd think there was a shooting every night.

  20. Lol, I shot next to you (well not you, but you know) a few weeks ago. Using a magnifier to sight in at 7 yards was impressive.

  21. It sounds like he wasn't upset because he was white, so I'd say yes.

  22. Yet he still took the time to point out that the clerk was white.

  23. It's contextually important because the poster is implying they may have been treated differently because of their own skin color, which wouldn't have been likely had they both been of the same race/ethnicity.

  24. It's contextually a double standard. If he had been treated differently because of his race that's one thing. As you can see from all the posts here, he wasn't. This is a pretty standard practice at most ranges.

  25. About 11 years old, "my buddy" was trying to 'drill' into a piece of wood. Snap, right across the fingers.

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