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  1. Did you make it yourself from scratch? If so I would love for it to be as detailed as possible.

  2. If you want a more deeper understanding of how modding works you should

  3. Looks like the game asked the game server for a specific message from a REST HTTP API, but instead got a cloudflare error saying that the game server isn’t reachable.

  4. If you only need to emulate a UID and are Jailbroken (

  5. I'm very curious to try out LoRa between my folks place and mine. An off-topic query, but connecting a LoRa transreceiver to a RPI is straightforward, right?

  6. Looks like it, depends on your RF module though. I found this

  7. Do you need it to operate off-property? What range do you need?

  8. Yes, the idea is to have this system somewhat mobile and move it to a new location over a couple of days. Range-wise about 1 km, so LoRa seems like the only option as cellular would be too expensive.

  9. Looks like a unnecessary log file. Try to remove that file from the backup and that might work. Don’t forget to do backups tho

  10. It is worth to note that there’s one way to (maybe) do this on iPhone. If you

  11. I believe the Cydia store got shutdown sometime in 2020

  12. Looks like you missed an ” to me after pic

  13. Well it’s just sending me back to root after I get the warning. I try running again and get the same result

  14. Run the free command with the -i flag to ignore case shifts

  15. The whole idea of ports is that you use different ones for different services. 80 for web stuff is a common example. So using two different services on one port can be tricky.

  16. Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned the socket I am listening on is for UDP 50101 and the flask instance runs on tcp 80. The UDP 50101 socket listens for broadcasts from a specific host that contains simple strings. The flask instance is just to display the output of the string on a TV. I will look into FastAPI and see how it will work for me.

  17. Why UDP? UDP is usually used for high bandwidth, low priority packets that can get dropped, think fast paced multiplayer games. You may want to instead use TCP which makes sure that the packet makes it to it’s destination. Http and websockets unbuild upon TCP.

  18. The robots.txt file is meant for automated scrapers like search engines to obey. For example, disallowing /myaccount is a good idea since you don’t want to see “You need to login to view this page” on google

  19. Is that the Parrot Security OS default mouse pointer????? Pls no hac!!

  20. Assuming it’s an HF 13.56MHz tag and your office only checks its UID (serial number) you only have to read it once to get it and just write it to another compatible card.

  21. This is very informative! Do you happen to have any resources where I can learn about reading and interpreting the data on mifare classic cards in the rare cases when it’s relevant? I already know how to crack the keys, just not how to do anything with the data

  22. Not really, here’s a screenshot of some text on a tag:

  23. So this software is basically excel with a LF rfid reader w/ Bluetooth? Looking at their

  24. You can use different arguments in the print function as a shorthand for what you’re doing now.

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